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Overheating BlackBerry Bold is a Japanese conspiracy


BlackBerry Bold

Recently, there have been a lot of reports about the BlackBerry Bold in Japan experiencing “overheating.” NTT DoCoMo has stopped sales of the device after only 4,000 were sold. After having spent a long time working in South Korea and traveling in Japan, I got a strong feeling of consumer protectionism throughout both cultures. RIM only recently was able to export BlackBerry to South Korea because of isolationist trade policy.

Although Korea and Japan are very different cultures, who share some common foods and social norms due to colonization, their proclivity to purchase local products is obvious to anyone who has lived in either country.

The blogger in me believes that due to the recession and fall of the Japanese economy, NTT DoCoMo may be under pressure to give Japanese handset manufacturers an unfair advantage. Is it possible the Bold scared Japanese officials who want their businessmen using only Japanese-made smartphones? Or is their claim of overheating valid? Keep in mind that Japan is the only country reporting these problems.

What say you BlackBerry Cool readers?

Analysts are saying that region-specific software could be overclocking the device leading to overheating. If this were the case, do you not think we could have isolated said software by now?

If you know of someone in Japan (Japanese, not an expat) who owns a Bold, please comment!


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How to get a carrier-subsidized BlackBerry Bold before you are eligible for upgrade


The Smoke Labs mobile entertainment and lifestyle blog QuicklyBored has posted an anecdote about haggling with carriers to get a new device at the carrier-subsidized price while you’re still on contract. The author, W4lnut, had a Nokia N95 with 2.5 years left on his contract, and he managed to get the BlackBerry Bold for $199 on a renewed 3 year contract. It’s a good article for anyone looking for some extra buzz words and jargon to spit at customer service in order to get exactly what you want.

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Buy your AT&T BlackBerry Bold on eBay now


There’s only 5 hours left of the AT&T BlackBerry Bold. The current price is at $860, so you’ll have to be a complete die-hard BlackBerry/AT&T fan to want to pay. On the other hand, this is a super sweet device and I’m sure the price will jump considerably in the last couple of hours. If anything, we should follow this item just to see how crazy people will get. Oh yeah, and the seller has a feedback rating of 2 so you’ll probably get scammed. Good luck!

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