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Boxtone giving away a trip for 2 to Hawaii at BlackBerry World


Enterprise IT management platform Boxtone is throwing a Hawaiian Luau complete with music and dancers during each break at BlackBerry World. If you’re attending the conference, drop by the Boxtone booth (#124) to get Leid and enter into their Hawaiian vacation giveaway.

RIM to Offer Cloud Solution and Support for Managing Multiple Smartphones


mobile cloud solution

Back on the 13th of January, RIM held an event in Boston for press and analysts called Business On BlackBerry. RIM had the following experts on hand:

BlackBerry in the Enterprise in 2011 – Alec Taylor, Vice President, Product Marketing
BlackBerry Enterprise Portfolio in 2011 –Peter Devenyi, Vice President, BlackBerry Enterprise Software
PlayBook for Business – Ryan Bidan, Senior Product Manager for PlayBook

Some interesting news came out of the event including the fact that RIM is considering a cloud-based BES solution for mail clients as well as supporting multiple smartphone platforms.
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BlackBerry Developer Conference 2010 SWAG Report


blackberry torch
AT&T are giving away free BlackBerry Torch’s for app ideas

We’re here at the BlackBerry DevCon and checking out the booths and SWAG. If you don’t know, SWAG is an acronym that stands for Stuff We All Get. It’s always fun to see what companies are giving out so we thought we’d put together a little roundup of the free junk that companies give away.
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BoxTone Unveils Mobile Analytics Platform for BlackBerry



Mobile service management software maker BoxTone announced new software at DevCon2010 to help developers swiftly debug and support BlackBerry Applications. Dubbed the BoxTone Mobile Analytics Platform, the platform will help BlackBerry developers by providing an on-demand web-based mobile analytics dashboard.

The dashboard simplifies application profiling and provides over the air diagnostic and troubleshooting. This allows developers to organize and optimize their mobile application lifecycle from development, to testing, through to deployment, operations and aids in support.
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Missed WES 2010? Join BoxTone for a Recap Webinar


BoxTone are hosting a recap webinar for those who missed WES 2010. The webinar seems geared towards those in enterprise who are interested in mobile management, and touches on the following topics:

  • The new BlackBerry Expert Support Center (BESC)
  • What’s new in BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
  • Latest on BlackBerry 0S 6
  • Automated mobile management best practices in use at companies like HP Enterprise Services, Northern Trust and PNC

As an added bonus, all attendees who remain until the end of the Webinar will be eligible to receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Click here to register for the webinar.

Impressions About BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express



I’ve been talking with Brian Reed at BoxTone about this latest BESX announcement and he has some interesting insight into what this means for SMBs but also large enterprise. During our discussion, I was surprised to hear that only 10-20% of the Fortune 2000 companies are using mobile devices. I assume this number is so low due to large manufacturing industries that have less of a need for mobile, but the number is still very low. As more people in general get smartphones, we’ll start seeing this number inflate in the next 3-4 years, possibly as high as 70-80%.

With so many more employees using smartphones, companies will want to have these users on a BES, without paying the exorbitant costs for every user. BES Express opens up new doors for these companies, allowing them to connect with more functionality than “activesync-connected” and yet same price - free. This announcement therefore goes a long way to addressing the claim that the BES solution was too expensive, and providing companies with a freemium style service. It almost makes you wonder why it took so long to get here.
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