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Imagining the BlackBerry Torch With a Front-Facing Camera

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blackberry front facing camera

It seems that when the BlackBerry Torch was in its early engineering phases, it was called the BlackBerry Tardis. There are some interesting/funny pictures of the early engineering device that features the Synaptics branding and two holes where the LED light is positioned. The second hole, while it’s most likely a proximity sensor, has me dreaming of a front-facing camera on the Torch. Considering the Torch was said to be RIM’s answer to the iPhone 4, it would be cool to see something like FaceTime but integrated into BlackBerry Messenger. A front-facing camera would also fit nicely into the branding of the Torch as “where business meets fun”. Not only could you use a front-facing camera for fun, but enterprise clients could use it for video conferencing. More images after the jump.
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BlackBerry Tour now sans camera for government agencies

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Government clients need a BlackBerry without a camera. The reason is simple: when you have such an incredible amount of top secret documents lying around, you can’t have people with cameras entering the facilities. While cameras can be controlled with IT policies, it’s safer to not have the hardware at all.

Government agencies also love a World Phone; in particular, foreign affairs. These two features make the BlackBerry Tour 9630 a great device for government.

It seems Sprint is capitalizing on this and offering the Tour without a camera in order to capture the government clients, as well as some enterprise clients with similar needs.

This could mean huge sales for the Tour if a few foreign affairs departments pick it up.

If you’re in government, or a large enterprise organization (1,000+ employees), we have a few questions for you:

1) What BlackBerry device are you using?
2) What IT policies are set on your device? (ie. Can you use Facebook?)
3) Does your organization/department allow cameras on the device?


RIM to launch BlackBerry device with front-facing camera?

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When we posted the fairly successful article “BlackBerry features request,” one of the comments asked for a front-facing camera for video conferencing. Not only is a front-facing camera great for video conferencing, but it opens up a world of potential for apps.

Ever tried the YearBookYourself web app? It’s a ton of fun and with a front facing camera - you’ll be able to create your own on the device.

Video conferencing is not only great for consumers, but it’s great for business. While sending an email can open the discussion for a potential sale, video conferencing can show the client you’re giving them your undivided attention and you’re serious about the deal.

While the article from TinyComb doesn’t give any proof, or the name of the RIM executive, the “leak” is interesting from a discussion standpoint.

According to the post, the unnamed RIM executive was asked how RIM would respond to the iPhone having a front-facing camera. He allegedly said “we are fortunate to have our relationships with many different carriers, some of which can handle something like live video-conferencing.” He added, “video conferencing is something that could completely change the mobile landscape and it is something we have been thinking about and working on for quite some time. You will start seeing something early next year”.

Be sure to check out the BlackBerry Features Request article and leave your feedback.

[Via with a hat tip to Simon Sage]

12 ways to be a better BlackBerry photographer

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Taking a good photo is really important. It’s annoying to send around family and friend pictures that are blurry and pixelated once you open them on a desktop. The latest BlackBerrys have cameras strong enough to take a decent picture, you just need to know how. Here are 12 simple tips to taking a good pic with your BlackBerry.

1. Get Closer
While you can capture panoramas with your camera, you’ll take the best possible photos by getting close to your subject matter. Go ahead and take a few extra steps toward what you’re shooting—the images you capture will be much more engaging.

2. Hold Steady
Camera shake is the primary reason for blurry photos, whether you’re using a cameraphone or a digital SLR. To capture a crisp, clear image, hold your device with two hands or use one hand to brace your arm. If possible, hold your smartphone on top of a desk or other object to reduce camera shake.

3. Be Patient
There’s often a short delay between the moment you depress the shutter button and when a photo is taken. Be sure not to move your device during this time; doing so will result in a blurry image.
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BlackBerry Storm vs. BlackBerry Bold Camera

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As a proponent of ‘blogging from your BlackBerry’, one of the features of my BlackBerry Bold that really lets me down is the camera. Even though it is vastly superior to previous BlackBerry models, it’s not quite web-tech blog quality. Obviously, one of the first things I did when I sat down with the Telus BlackBerry Storm was a camera comparison.

As you can see, the BlackBerry Storm easily outperforms the Bold’s camera. Not only does it have 3.2Mpx to the BlackBerry Bold’s 2.oMpx, but autofocus capability (which is great considering my infamous shaky hand syndrome) and a much broader dynamic color and light range. This picture was also taken in low-light conditions, something the Bold has never been too good at, but the Storm doesn’t disappoint.

You can see each individual image after the jump for a more thorough comparison. Both pictures were taken on ’superfine’ quality with flash set to ‘auto’.

BlackBerry Camera Comparison Photos

Official BlackBerry OS 4.6 features

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OS 4.6

Curious to know what exactly you’re missing with the BlackBerry Bold? RIM’s Knowledge Base is now listing the official new features in device software 4.6. Nothing hugely new (that Q hotkey for the vibrate profile is nice to know, and switching to Bluetooth headset mid-call is nifty), but now we’ve got all the updates in one spot.

(via RIMarkable)

Get the short version of the new features in BlackBerry Software 4.6 Features behind the jump!

How to crop, resize and set wallpapers on your BlackBerry

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BlackBerry Cool shirt

At the request of Mike, I’ve cooked up a few BlackBerry Cool wallpapers based off our very excellent BBCool t-shirt. We’ve got wallpapers for your Pearl, Curve, 8800-series, Bold, and even Kickstart, Javelin or 9500 if you happen to be packing one. Never changed your BlackBerry’s wallpaper? No problem - we’ll walk you through the steps to give your home screen a nice new look.

If you especially dig BBCool, we’ve also got a few desktop wallpapers to chose from. Want another size? Leave a comment!

BlackBerry Cool wallpapers and instructions behind the jump!

BlackBerry Thunder due October 8th. with Rhapsody?

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BlackBerry Thunder with Rhapsody

The mid-October ballpark release for the Verizon BlackBerry Thunder has been narrowed down to the 8th., but as with any rumour, take it with a grain of salt… What’s true now might not be in two months. The same sources are also claiming that the Thunder will be packing a 3.2 megapixel camera and over-the-air Rhapsody downloads. We had heard about carrier music stores integrated with the BlackBerry 9500’s music player, and now we’ve got a name to look forward to. Rhapsody is pretty popular, second to iTunes and maybe Amazon… how many more online music outlets will plug into the BlackBerry Thunder? As for the camera, I expressed plenty of concern about its quality in last week’s podcast, so colour me relieved.

(via Fudzilla)

More BlackBerry Thunder pictures emerge

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We’ve got some more shiny pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder in action. Here you can check out how the media player will look while playing music, complete with title, artist and album art. There’s also a better look at the camera functions in both landscape and portrait modes. Flash, zoom, cropping, video and e-mail functions are all built into the main interface and a glimpse at what we can expect from OS 4.7. There are still plenty of pictures of the BlackBerry Thunder’s media player and virtual keypad out there, if you’re looking for more pics to slobber over.

(via BlackBerrySync)

BlackBerry Thunder pictures of the camera UI behind the jump…

New app mutes your camera

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Old Camera Ever feel like your BlackBerry’s camera is a bit dated when it still makes a shutter noise when you take a picture? BerryAnnoying just launched recently, so you can take your pictures without the annoying sound. Sure, RIM should have functions like that already built in, but plenty of software developers get by on that premise.

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