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OtterBox BlackBerry Bold cases now available


otterbox blackberry bold defender cases

Regular readers of BlackBerry Cool will know that we’re big fans of the OtterBox BlackBerry cases. Today is a great day for OtterBox users who have already moved on to the BlackBerry Bold: OtterBox has now officially released BlackBerry Bold Defender Series cases! Expect our full review to come soon, but if they’re anything like previous OtterBox cases, they’ll be well worth the $50 pricetag.

BlackBerry Bold Defender Series Cases

Fresh BlackBerry Pearl cases from Speck


Some new hard cases are now available from Speck for $24.95, sporting a very stylish array of colours including green, red, pink and crystal clear. Normally I find hard cases a little bulky, but these look very slim and snug, while also giving your BlackBerry a bit of colour. BlackBerry 8110, BlackBerry 8220 and BlackBerry 8330 cases ready to roll, but if you’re packing an older Pearl, the BlackBerry 8100 SeeThru case is still available. Head on over to Speck’s online store for a closer look.

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BerryBUDDY and OtterBox reviews updated



Things have been pretty hectic with WES over the last couple of months, but we finally managed to catch up on some lingering reviewables around the office today. Both the BerryBUDDY and OtterBox have had to deal with changes in BlackBerry casing, like the bulking of the BlackBerry 8330, and the new camera orientation on the newer BlackBerry Pearl. Check the update to our BerryBUDDY and OtterBox reviews to see how they’ve adapted. If you’re packing a newer Pearl or Curve, these two might be worth your while.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: OtterBox


OtterBoxInterviewed in a recent podcast, the folks at OtterBox offer a wide range of rugged cases for all sorts of devices, including the Pearl 2. Last year was OtterBox’s first run at WES, and this year they’ll be showing off their new Defender Series lineup, which provides three layers of protection for your BlackBerry: a thin plastic cover for your screen and keyboard, a hard polycarbonate case surrounding the frame, and finally a shock-absorbent silicone skin. We’ve had a chance to try these out first-hand, and they offer some great protection.

Crystallized BlackBerry cases


Last year we pimped out an 8700 with Swarovski crystals - well, Let’s Crystal It has made a whole business out of doing the same thing for nearly whatever gadget you want. These guys pump out a variety of crystal-covered cases for BlackBerrys, although the cases cost a pretty penny ($159.99 and up). You’ve got to be a bit of a showboat to pull off something this… colourful, but if you can, more power to ya. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, you can always do it yourself, or go for a less bulky skin from DecalGirl.

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Review: Proporta Alu-Leather Case


Shortly after tossing my damaged screen protector in the trash, I got Proporta’s Alu-Leather Flip Type Case in the mail. After all that talk about protection, this case looked ready to fit the bill right out of the box. The cover was rigid, lightweight aluminum, and the 8800 fit nice and tight into two beefy bracers on the side, and a tough stubby one at the bottom. The flap clipped shut with a snappy little magnet near the bottom, and the inside of the top flap flashed some of the aluminum emblazoned with the Proporta logo.

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