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Plazmic 4.6 CDK goes official and available for download


While Doug is off at the Developers Conference, I’ll be posting some news from HQ. On that note, the Plazmic 4.6 CDK has gone official on the BlackBerry site and is available for download. Included in the latest version, is an update that will allow you to use your own fonts.  I’m looking forward to seeing what themes come from this.

Download Plazmic 4.6 CDK here

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Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit v4.2.2 released


Listen up devs and artists, there’s a little upgrade to the Plazmic CDK out, and word has it that developing BlackBerry 8800 and BlackBerry 8300 themes is now supported. There are some functionality changes behind the jump, and a few known issues they’re still working on. Rumor has it v4.3’s coming sometime this September, which will be packing some pretty huge changes. Keep an eye out.

Check out what’s new in 4.2.2