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BlackBerry Missing From Wearables: 2014’s Hottest Consumer Tech Trend



One of the biggest trends right now in consumer tech and mobile devices is wearables. Whether it’s The Quantified Self or a means of better interacting with your devices, wearables is one of the hottest items in consumer tech right now. But where does BlackBerry fit in? iOS and Android both have very crucial roles in wearables, as most of these devices are integrated into both platforms. BlackBerry seems to be going full enterprise, but one can’t help but notice there is a lot of opportunity for BlackBerry in wearables, but with nothing really going on.
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Verizon to Close Their Mobile App Store


There has been a paradigm shift in the way the mobile apps are listed and sold since Apple launched their App Store alongside iPhone in 2008. Before the phenomenon of OS-specific global app markets, developers had the arduous task of either selling direct to consumers or jumping though hoops to land on the carriers’ deck.
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Boost Mobile Launches the BlackBerry Curve 9310 with Social Plans


Boost Mobile has introduced the BlackBerry Curve 9310 with dedicated BBM button and a new BBM unlimited plan for as little as $30 a month.
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Study exposes flaws in iPhone and strengths in BlackBerry


iphone vs blackberry

A recent study conducted by Vanson Bourne, revealed that 65 per cent of surveyed IT departments are concerned about unauthorized users accessing data if an iPhone is lost or stolen. The same study also showed 64 per cent of IT departments not put into place security steps to protect against threats targeted at the iPhone. Most cited the fact that they aren’t widely used in business as the reason.

This study shows one of the glaring weaknesses of the iPhone to service enterprise. Because BlackBerry is by far the most secure platform in the smartphone market, many organizations have turned to it to ensure the protection of their most valuable asset: intellectual property.

While Apple deserves an incredible amount of respect for implementing a hugely successful App Store, it will forever be stuck in a consumer market. That being said, I think it’s easier to shift from enterprise to consumer, versus the other way around. RIM has the opportunity to service the consumer market with fun and innovative applications, and I would be surprised if the iPhone were ever able to position itself as a viable solution for IT managers looking to remotely manage a network of several thousand devices. In fact, a quick look at the latest iPhone 3.0 software reveals that it still can’t run applications in the background.

More interesting points revealed in the study include:

  • 10 per cent of IT decision makers believe that the iPhone is not as good an email tool as the BlackBerry, and they only want to manage one form of device.
  • A little more than half (52 per cent) are concerned about the threat of downloading apps to the iPhone, while 40 per cent of respondents said they are worried about the threat of users downloading company data without the IT department knowing.
  • Some 14 per cent of IT departments have banned the use of smartphones altogether for work purposes.



BlackBerry Bling Pimps Your Email Experience


CaseMate Gold Curve Case

Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to look around any public venue and not see a BlackBerry. It makes those of us that have rocked a ‘Berry since day one seem… a little less special. One solution: pimp your BlackBerry with ‘bling’ (that’s what the kids are calling it these days) to make you stand out.

Friend of the ‘Cool Al Sacco has compiled an image gallery of popular BlackBerry Bling. The bling in question ranges from the gold-and-diamond BlackBerry case above, to the ever popular ‘Pimp My Pearl‘ BlackBerry application. To see the rest, click the link below.

BlackBerry Bling: The Hottest—and Priciest—Pimped-Out BlackBerrys


BOLT BlackBerry Browser now in public beta


Bolt BlackBerry Browser

Throughout the many stages of the BOLT BlackBerry Browser private beta, we’ve had a hard time keeping up with the demand for invites to make sure every member of the BlackBerry Nation got a chance to kick the tires, so to speak. Thankfully, Bitstream has answered the call with a public beta of BOLT Browser version .86. To download the latest version for your BlackBerry, hit the link below. Don’t forget to check out our hands-on impressions as well.

Download BOLT BlackBerry Browser
BOLT BlackBerry Browser Hands-On Impressions