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Tawkon Now Available Free with Premium Version on Sale for 50% Off



Tawkon is an app that addresses the cell phone radiation paranoia that has been a hot topic of discussion in the media for some time. Whether or not cell phones emit a level of radiation that has any significant effect on humans is still inconclusive, but some governments have already responded to the consumer fear.

Recently, the company had some pretty major announcements including:
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Get Paid Apps for Free with OfferedApp.com



OfferedApp.com is a website that offers users paid apps for free, in exchange for participating in their sponsors’ incentive programs. When you sign up for OfferedApp, you get a daily email alert pointing you to the daily app deal. If you’re interested in the deal, you can choose from different advertisers that ask you to complete a survey or give some personal details, in exchange for the cost of the app.

Check out OfferedApp.com and sign up for email alerts.

Groupon Daily Deals App Available for OS 5.0+ Devices



While many are still shocked that Groupon would said no to Google’s 6 billion dollar offer, Groupon is still trucking along with awesome deals and recently, a BlackBerry app. The app, which is now available in App World, lets you get the daily deal directly to your BlackBerry. Even though you get the deals emailed to you, the app will let you display the coupon to the retailer so you don’t have to print.
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S4BB Offering Top Selling Apps for $0.99 in App World


Holiday sale

The holiday deals are rolling in and S4BB has some pretty awesome apps available in App World for just 99 cents. One of the more useful apps the company has built is called SmartWiFi and it allows you to turn off WiFi when not needed. Additionally, SmartWifi will save WiFi locations so you can manage them effectively and save battery. Check out the list of 99 cent apps in App World and treat yourself to one this holiday season. Just look for “***MERRY APP-MAS CHRISTMAS SALE - 80% OFF!***” in the app description.

Xobni for BlackBerry Now on Sale for $1.99



Xobni is running a great sale right now where they’re offering Xobni for BlackBerry for $1.99. This price is available from their website as well as App World. For those unfamiliar with the app, Xobni (inbox backwards), scans your contacts and allows you to access those contacts quickly and efficiently. The app features:
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BerryBlow Apps Celebrating 2nd Birthday with 25% Off Sale



The 3rd of December is BerryBlow’s second birthday and to celebrate, they’re running a 25% sale on all their apps. To take advantage of this deal, use the coupon code “berryblow2y” to buy any of the apps until December 3rd. Happy birthday!

Check out all the BerryBlow Birthday Deals at this link.