BlackBerryCool Roundup: PlayBook, BlackBerry Torch, QNX OS, Conferences and More



We haven’t done a post roundup in a while so here is a giant roundup the size of China. Scan the links, and see if there’s anything you might have missed. I guarantee you that there is a gem in there somewhere that will brighten your weekend.

This roundup has links from two conferences - the BlackBerry Developer Conference and CTIA, as well as all the relevant information about the BlackBerry PlayBook, QNX OS and a ton of apps new to the BlackBerry world. Hit the jump and enjoy!
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CTIA 2010 Final Impressions: The PlayBook Could Have Been the Hottest Thing Here


ctia chalk writing
Image from @pantechusa

This year’s CTIA was impressive on many levels: the innovation, the people, and the parties. All of these affirm the fact that CTIA is one of the world’s premier mobile conferences.

While RIM may have dropped the ball, it is promising to see how so many companies are building out their products and services to leverage the BlackBerry ecosystem.

App testing companies like Mob4Hire and DeviceAnywhere did a great job of letting the development and business community know that there are effective alternatives to in-house testing which can expedite time-to-market and better an overall app experience. Carriers from all around the world were working the show floor to investigate the latest and greatest the CTIA exhibitors had to offer. Accessory manufacturers, outsourcing firms, development agencies, financial service firms, and VC’s were abound in great numbers further promoting the fact that the future of mobile is friendly.
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CTIA 2010: Billing Revolution - Single Click Credit Card Mobile Checkout


billing revolution at ctia

One of the more innovative companies I’ve seen at CTIA is Billing Revolution and their Single-Click Checkout process. The idea is to simplify the mobile purchasing experience by streamlining the mobile checkout. They don’t have a BlackBerry app but they do facilitate browsers based purchasing which is a great approach because it works across all platforms. So if you’re a BlackBerry app developer, mobile advertiser, retailer, manufacturer, etc. I suggest you check it out because it could optimize your mobile purchasing process. They also have subscription billing and donation billing to accommodate varying needs.

Check out their website.

A special BlackBerryCool thanks goes out to the entire Billing Revolution team for having a great CTIA party on a decommissioned coast-guard boat at pier 38.

CTIA 2010: Where is the BlackBerry Presence?


So as CTIA winds down I can’t help but wonder where RIM is? The theme of this CTIA is enterprise and applications. The majority of enterprise devices are BlackBerrys and RIM is trying to increase their reputation regarding apps. It seems like such a natural fit. The reality is they don’t even have a booth at the show. I’ve been investigating and all I could find was this gray, windowless, cubicle “meeting room” (MR-412). Now, I know they just held DEVCON last week but does that even matter?

As someone who is deeply tied to RIM and their success this is very frustrating. A typical excuse I’m hearing is that CTIA is not what it used to be…”Just look at the floor” some say. To this I say bollocks, the mobile industry is growing and at an incredible rate, all major handset manufacturers continue to show strong growth, and the outlook is great.
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CTIA 2010: Earzee Bluetooth Wristbands and Neckbands from Fish Phonics


This year at CTIA there is a lot of buzz about cell phone radiation and limiting your exposure it. Fish Phonics is coming to market with a slew of new Bluetooth wristbands and neckbands. One of them, Earzee, is a wristband with a nub that comes out and wraps around your fingers, allowing you to limit the distance to your phone. The product looks cool but it’s sort of odd to have a Bluetooth product that isn’t hands-free. Check out their promo video and look out for their products which should be hitting the market in 2011.

CTIA 2010: BreezyPrint - One Touch Printing From Your BlackBerry


Printing from a BlackBerry? There are a few companies that offer printing solutions and BreezyPrint is here at CTIA showcasing their solution which looks easy and efficient. BreezyPrint lets print directly from your BlackBerry to any networked printer.

Key features of BreezyPrint:

  • The fastest way to print any document from your mobile device
  • Works with any printer
  • No extra hardware or drivers required
  • No IP address or firewall configuration required
  • Safe - protected by end-to-end encryption
  • Installs in minutes

Head over to their site and try it out now.

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