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JaredCo Free Wallpaper App for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook


JaredCo put together a great free wallpaper app for BlackBerry. The app does a good job of curating groups of images by theme to suit your mood making personalization a breeze.
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Improve your BlackBerry User Interface with Iconify: Freshly Updated and on Sale


Iconify is an app that helps you organize your BlackBerry by turning any web site, contact, file, folder or app into an icon that you can place anywhere among your home screen icons. This quick access to the things that you use the most is much faster than using universal search or going through several menus to find what you’re looking for.
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Custom LED Colors for Your BlackBerry Contacts With IdentifyMe


IdentifyMe is a simple app that lets you use custom LED colors for your BlackBerry contacts. This app is going to be particularly useful for anyone who wants to put their device on silent, and be notified silently if a particular contact is trying to get in touch.

IdentifyMe is available for $3.99 in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

Diamond encrusted BlackBerry Bold 9000


There isn’t much to say here: it’s a BlackBerry Bold and it’s covered in diamonds.


Customize your BlackBerry with superhereos and Basketball teams


Coveroo now officially licenses artwork from more of your favorite brands including Marvel Entertainment, Inc. and the National Basketball Association (NBA). In addition, Coveroo announced an industry first, a HighColor process that yields stunning imagery on your phone cover with over 65,000 colors that won’t fade, rub off or peel like alternative products.

Coveroo’s solution is built on two key building blocks that provide customers with an unrivaled choice in design and quality to present a fashion statement unmatched by any other device accessory on the market today.

• The laser engraving technology and new HighColor printing processes ensure accuracy and brilliant color as they transfer your personal artwork into your device. The resulting Coveroo is high-quality – your design won’t fade, rub off or collect dirt like some of the skins and other cell phone cover alternatives.
• Coveroo seeks to find the most appealing artwork from leading brands and coveted artists, engaging in exclusive licensing deals to offer a tremendous variety of designs that appeal to nearly any consumer.

Prices range from only $9.95 to $59.95, depending upon your phone model and design choice (with new ones being added all the time). The color option will first be exclusively available for the new Marvel and NBA designs, along with the existing UCLA, Garfield, Hot Wheels, Star Trek, Streetfighter IV, and Resident Evil 5 artwork.
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Customize your BlackBerry LED with BerryBuzz



We love our BlackBerrys. We love them because they are our communicators—they connect us to the world through phone, email, SMS, IM, Facebook, and just about any other way that technology lets us get in touch with one another. But one of the great flaws of the BlackBerry OS is the way it notifies us of incoming messages. The blinking red-LED is great, but it doesn’t tell us anything about the nature of the communication. Did I get an email? An SMS? A missed call?

That’s where BerryBuzz comes in. Compatible with just about every BlackBerry you could throw at it, BerryBuzz lets you customize that LED. Want a turquoise LED for new Email, and a yellow one for missed calls? You got it. With BerryBuzz, you can tell what type of communication your BlackBerry is telling you about—just from a glance at the LED.

But enough about the product’s idea—let’s look at the details, and see if it is worth the $5.95.
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