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Ottawa, Canada: Register for the BlackBerry Developer Group Meetup


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If you’re in Ottawa, Canada or the surrounding region, you should definitely check out the Ottawa BlackBerry Developer Group. The meetup will talk about some of the changes at BlackBerry, mostly that the company is largely enterprise focused. This change is very visible at the developer group level. BlackBerry has been using a Developer Group Hub, powered by Influitive, in order to connect Group Managers as well as send the company message to those groups. So far, the message is clear: develop enterprise apps.

Eventbrite - Ottawa BlackBerry Developer Group Meetup

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Task Management App “did u?” Gives You An Added Push To Finish Your To Do List


Introducing did u? from Appsiders on Vimeo.

The “did u?” app is a very simple app that has one goal in mind: to help you finish your To Do list. While To Do lists can get long and cumbersome, the “did u?” app seeks to simplify the experience. With “did u?”, you simply add a List, fill it with items, and set a deadline. The app will then ask if you’ve completed those items, giving you an added push to get things done.

Read the full article over at Macgasm.net.

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Mobile Games Cost $300K and Take 156 Days To Complete


There’s a huge discrepancy between what people think it costs to make a game and what it actually costs. Take it from someone who has been pitched to many times. Often I get people who want an app or a game and are willing to shell out $5K, maybe $10K, but have no idea that on average, a mobile game costs $300K an takes, on average, 156 days to complete. A recent report from Nordicity, points to this fact, along with some other interesting takeaways about the Canadian video game industry.
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Amazon Offers Developers a New Way to Monetize Apps


If you’re a developer and you’ve got an app on Amazon or Google Play, you can now monetize your app using an Amazon affiliate program. The new Amazon Mobile Associates API will let you advertise physical and digital products in your apps and games and earn up to 6% commission. This is an awesome feature for any content-heavy apps and it should be interesting to see how developers pair physical products with mobile apps.
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Are Developers and Users Sold on the Built For BlackBerry Program?


BlackBerry first announced the Built for BlackBerry program along with the $10K developer commitment. The program was aimed at separating the great apps from the not-so-great and give developers who are committed to the program an opportunity for additional discovery and exposure. Several months into the program, we’re seeing some promotion from BlackBerry pushing these apps, but do developers and BlackBerry users care? It seems a little arbitrary who gets this designation and if it’s not fully accepted by developers, it probably won’t make much of a difference with users.
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[UPDATED] BlackBerry World vs BlackBerry App World: Not Just a Name Change


BlackBerry has made a lot of changes to BlackBerry World, its app distribution portal, with the launch of BlackBerry 10. The new portal has a lot of positive design elements on BlackBerry 10 devices, as well as it received a makeover on the desktop. The problem, is that with this new design, Vendors have lost some of the functionality that made App World great. For me, as a Vendor, it has really have become a nightmare. Here are the current key issues with the new BlackBerry World:
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