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The Market Share Race is On! BBM vs Snapchat vs WhatsApp vs Kik vs Viber



Here is my prediction for BlackBerry in the next 2 years: BlackBerry will go 100% enterprise and BBM will split off as a separate company with a valuation that rivals Snapchat. Anyone who is currently at BlackBerry is right now positioning themselves to either join the enterprise team and build a smartphone for Fortune 1000, or realize their passion is in consumer and join the BBM team.
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Latest Distimo Report Shows Importance of Localization


If you have an application or you’re thinking of developing one, it’s important to take into consideration the global distribution of smartphones and tablets. If your app is an IM application, you should definitely consider localizing it to China as these apps are very popular there. The latest Distimo report sheds some light on how apps are distributed through the app stores in terms of regions. More after the jump.
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Android Device Sales May Be High But Developers Can’t Monetize


paid android apps
This graph shows the proportion of paid apps by download tier.

We often write about Distimo’s reports because they give insight into the app industry, and a lot of developers are going cross-platform these days. Here at BlackBerryCool we’ve talked a lot about the fact that BlackBerry developers are making a decent amount of money albeit the media’s insistence that they aren’t attracting developers. Sure, there’s rockstars making a lot of money on iPhone, but considering the number of apps on the platform, the majority of apps are probably making zero dollars per day. It seems Android is a horrible platform for the average developer, where 80% of all paid applications have been downloaded less than 100 times in the Google Android Market worldwide to date. So for all the media hype around Android, it’s not going to last long in the app space unless your average developer can get paid.
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Distimo Report Shows Top Free and Paid BlackBerry Apps


blackberry top paid

The most recent publication to come out of Distimo covers the major smartphone marketplaces and this report focuses on the Google Android Market and Windows Phone 7 Marketplace because they have the highest growth. It’s a little odd that Distimo would focus on these two stores considering the WP7 growth is a little contrived and still around half that of App World. Microsoft has been paying upfront royalties for developers to port their apps to WP7, which would explain a lot of the growth. Initial sales of Windows Phone 7 devices weren’t stellar, and the business case for porting apps isn’t obvious just yet. Then again, it’s possible Distimo doesn’t take any of this into consideration and is just taking the numbers at face value. Hit the jump to check out the Top Free BlackBerry apps.
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A Review of App World in 2010 Shows Little Actual App Growth


highest ranked paid

The latest Distimo report is out and the report breaks down the various smartphone app stores and their growth in 2010. On the surface, it looks like App World did really well, with triple digit growth to nearly 18,000 applications applications. But where does this growth come from? Growth in App World has occurred in categories that contain apps which most users wouldn’t consider apps. The following categories saw the most growth in App World:

Reference and eBooks - 733% (books aren’t apps)
Themes - 653% (even though themes are installed, they really aren’t apps)
Music and Audio - 402% (most of these are individual radio stations with dedicated apps that don’t provide much value)
News - 353% (like the radio station apps, news apps are usually apps dedicated to a single source. Again, there’s very little value here)
Health & Wellness - 243% (a large portion of this category includes Medical Guides which are essentially eBooks).
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Distimo Monitor Service Now Supports App World Scheduled Reports


distimo monitor service for developers

We reported not too long ago that BlackBerry App World had undergone some server updates in order to accommodate for digital goods and in-app purchases. During this upgrade phase, the reporting system was down for a brief time. Another ramification of the changes is that reporting now supports scheduled reports. Distimo let us know that their team has updated Monitor to work with the updated App World. Click through for an explanation of the changes and what to do if you’re a current Distimo Monitor user.
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