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125,000 PlayBooks Going Out to Developers at Hackathons, DevCons and More


Thorsten Heins gave the keynote at DevCon Europe and talked about some of the plans that RIM has to get developers on board with BlackBerry. One of the interesting elements of his keynote was that he said the company has approved 125,000 more PlayBooks to go out to developers to encourage development. These PlayBooks will go out to developers who attended DevCon Europe as well as there will be free devices given out at hackathons around the world. We’ve been to a couple hackathons hosted by RIM and they haven’t quite figured them out but they’re moving in the right direction.
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BlackBerry Developer Conferences Held Globally: San Fran, Bangkok and Amsterdam


This year, the BlackBerry Developer Conference is going global with events being held in San Francisco, Bangkok and Amsterdam. Bangkok is an interesting choice because we would have expected Indonesia, but it’s probably a better place to meet in terms of cost and airport travel. Amsterdam has become an alternative, indie developer scene in recent years with the launch of a conference called Appsterdam. RIM is looking to capitalize and this and attract more devs to the platform. Read on for more details about these events.
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RIM Leads in Canada with 42% of All Smartphones Being BlackBerry


Hopefully this will be the new Canadian anthem.

RIM is still killing it in Canada ahead of Apple and Google and with 42% of the smartphone market, ahead of Apple’s 31% and Android’s 12.2%. Nokia is barely a player with only 6.4% of the market and Windows has even less with 5.1% of the smartphone market. The data comes from a new report on the Canadian mobile industry from market research firm ComScore Inc. In terms of smartphone adoption in general, Canada is at 32.8%, which is a little higher than the US which is at 32.2%. Europe is doing really well with smartphone penetration with numbers such as United Kingdom (40.8%), Spain (40.2%) and Italy (38.3%) in terms of smartphone adoption. But then again, Europe is a Nokia-based society and nobody is really taking that company seriously as a smartphone. It’s more like a “semi-intelligent phone”.

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Qype Location-Based Review and Discovery App with OTA Download Links


Qype can be described as the European Yelp. The app finds your location and serves restaurant reviews, nightlife suggestions and general crowd-sourced information about your area. Qype is very much community-driven in that it doesn’t use API sets from databases such as OpenTable, but rather relies on purely community input. Since the app doesn’t have a huge presence in North America, it isn’t as useful as if it were used in Germany or the UK. If you’re planning a trip to Europe, this could be the ideal tourist app for you to bring along. Also, you could pioneer a community in North America in your home city.
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BlackBerry EMEA Outage Caused by European ISP


Are you in Europe and experiencing a BlackBerry outage? It seems that the BlackBerry outage in the EMEA was caused by a European ISP. The problem will be fixed by tomorrow night, between 03:00 and 07:00. The following is apparently a statement from RIM, but it’s a little strange in that the grammar is off and part of it doesn’t make sense. It’s possibly a translation.

Our circuit provider is continuing to work to resolve the connectivity issue Identified on June 1st. As a result, the BlackBerry infrastructure will Remain in its current configuration until Further notice. Extensive service only after verification and testing have been completed Enterprise Traffic will be moved back onto the restored link. Our current target is During the maintenance window June 2nd from 9pm to 1am Eastern Time
No. Is Expected service impact at this time.

A future communication will be sent once the circuit provider has the connectivity issue RESOLVED.

Ciao! The BlackBerry Curve 8520 lands in Italy


Vodafone Italia and RIM have announced the BlackBerry Curve 8520 in Italy. Starting September 3rd, the device is available and costs €249 with no contract from Vodafone outlets and from Vodafone’s online shop.

At Wal-Mart, this device costs $399.99 without a contract, but with a contract, you get it for $49.99.

It’s pretty incredible how much money is knocked off the initial price given a contract. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would go out and purchase a device these days without getting a contract.

Are you in Europe? Here are a couple questions for you:

1) Do you regularly buy a device with no contract?
2) What do you think of the price for the 8520?
3) On average, how much do you spend per month on your phone bill?