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ReadItNow! for BlackBerry 10 Updated to Version 5.0


ReadItNow! is a handy reader app for BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook that allows you to read articles offline. Ideal for air travel or commuting with bad or no connectivity, the app makes it easy to collect content for later reading.
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BlackBerry Travel Arrives on BlackBerry 10 With New Features


BlackBerry Travel is an app that helps manage your air travel. This first party app notifies you of your flight’s status and automatically imports your flights by scanning your device for trip details.
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TrueNorth Avionics Connects Your Smartphone In-Flight Over Iridium Satellite and More


TrueNorth Avionics Founder Mark Van Berkel highlighting products such as their BlackBerry emailer

Ever wondered how Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis stay connected even as they spend so much time traveling between countries? Well they do it thanks to a company called TrueNorth Avionics, based in Ottawa, Canada. The company partnered with RIM to give them an airborne solution for their corporate fleet and have since grown the company to support all smartphones and more solutions.

The TrueNorth OpenCabin platform is modeled after a smartphone app platform that allows you to add features and capabilities much like adding an app. The integrated suite of apps lets you modify your system as your needs change, without needing major hardware upgrades. Some OpenCabin features include:
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FlightNetwork.com Launches Free App for Booking and Sharing Flight Deals


flightnework app

FlightNetwork.com has launched a free app that lest you search and compare airfares available in Canada. The app lets you book the flight without having to be re-directed to a webpage or call a number. Other features of the app include the ability to connect with customer support, and share airfares with friends and family through email, Facebook and Twitter. So far, reviews of the app aren’t amazing but App World users tend to be a bit extreme in their reviewing. The app is free so it’s worth checking out and hopefully saving yourself a buck or two. Grab the app from App World.
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Do you want to make a call on a plane?


Snakes on a plane

Airlines Ryanair and Emirates have both recently announced that their passengers will soon be able to make mobile calls during flights. However, a recent poll by Wanderlust Magazine shows that the majority of travelers would rather fly with snakes. Polling over 1000 readers, 76% said they would never use a mobile phone in the air and only 2% said they would use their phone regularly. Dan Linstead, Editor of Wanderlust indicates that the negative response relates to both cost and sanity:

“The message from our readers, who are all seasoned travellers, is loud and clear. Planes are one of the last sacred mobile-free havens and they want it to stay that way – let’s hope the airlines start listening… The interruption is one thing but people also need to realise that mid-air chats won’t come cheap. Emirates say the average call costs more than £2 a minute, so someone’s making quite a bit of money out of it too.”

Now, obviously, I’m sure every reader of BlackBerry Cool would love to send and receive emails during flights. Making calls is another issue, however. Would you want the ability to make a call from you BlackBerry during a flight? Or would you rather make sure your fellow passengers can’t? Post a comment and let us know.

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Most people don’t want phones on planes, Europe tries to get them on anyway


PlanesEurope is moving ahead with plans to get mobile phone usage on planes while in flight, but according to a recent survey from TripAdvisor, a wooping 78% said they don’t want to be seated next to someone using a cellphone. It’s not too surprising, considering flying tends to be close quarters for extended amounts of time, but how do BlackBerrys fit into the whole equation? First off, are data transmissions being taken into account in addition to voice when testing the new cellular technology in Europe? If not, that could put an end to BlackBerrys on planes pretty quickly. Would fliers be as by bothered by someone discreetly thumbing out e-mails as someone yakking away in their ear? Probably not. We’ll see what the airlines do, and with any luck, we’ll get to thumb to our hearts’ content the next time we cross the pond.