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BlackBerry Javelin appears on T-Mobile Germany site as BlackBerry Curve 8900


I remember the quiet days of 2005, when the BlackBerry Nation only had one or two BlackBerry devices a year to look forward to. I bet in all the BlackBerry Storm news you completely forgot about the BlackBerry Javelin, didn’t you? Well, T-Mobile Germany didn’t forget, posting the device on their site as the BlackBerry Curve 8900 with a November release date.

So should we expect a flurry of BlackBerry Curve 8900 leaks in the coming weeks before the device is officially announced?

T-Mobile Germany BlackBerry Curve 9000

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BlackBerry Storm appears in Germany (twice!)


t-mobile blackberry 9500 on website

I’m trying to refrain from making some sort of weather related pun, but it’s hard to deny the steady pour (sigh) of BlackBerry Storm information that has been finding its way on the Internet. Today we have news for our German friends, as both the BlackBerry Storm 9530 and BlackBerry 9500 have made appearances on Vodafone and T-Mobile Germany’s websites.

Vodafone Germany has followed Verizon’s lead and posted a BlackBerry Storm 9530 signup page, where interested parties can submit their email addresses for more information.

T-Mobile Germany hasn’t been as overt in their display of BlackBerry Storm information, but it’s still there. The screen cap above shows that the BlackBerry 9500 has been added to the device model compatibility check list for the T-Mobile’s Mobile Jukebox. Whoops.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Updates: Silver colour, O2 and T-Mobile Germany launches


BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

For flip phone lovers who can’t get enough of the newly announced BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220, we have a variety of updates for you. First, our Spanish friends over at MiBlackBerry.com have found a new Pearl Flip colour in a RIM press release: Silver. No word yet on if we’ll be able to see this colour in North America, but it sure does look pretty. Hopefully those Rogers Pearl Flip parties will shed some light on the situation.

Second, BlackBerryNews.com is reporting that “internal documents” indicate the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 will also soon be released on O2 and T-Mobile Germany. Hopefully these releases will come with some new colors as well.

(via BBN, MiBlackBerry)

More BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 Silver Screenshots

BlackBerry Unite! available internationally


Previously available in only North America, BlackBerry Unite! has now been localized for all around the globe. Central American, Italian, German, French, Asia Pacific and Spanish versions of the software is available for small groups of up to 5 to share media, contacts, and take care of management tasks. There are plenty of small and medium businesses out there that could use some extra functionality from their BlackBerrys, and when the software is free, it’s hard to go wrong.

(BlackBerry Support Community Forums via BerryReview)

Download sites for BlackBerry Unite! behind the jump…

BlackBerry Bold available in Germany?


So, the whole Chile and Hong Kong launch yesterday was a bit of a false start, but T-Mobile Germany’s online store is looking much more promising. With a few clicks through, you can see that the BlackBerry 9000 is going for €459.95 (or $US 715) without contract. You can tell just from all the carrier activity lately that the launch is imminent, it’s just a matter of the final go-ahead. If we have any Germans in the house looking to pick up a BlackBerry 9000, swing by the store and let us know what the stock’s like!

UPDATE: It looks like T-Mobile Austria has followed suit…

Thanks Rainer!

Excited? BlackBerry Bold device specifications behind the jump!

Desktop Manager 4.6 available from Vodafone Germany


BlackBerry LogoOS 4.6 software is getting fast-tracked in order to prepare for the imminent BlackBerry Bold launch, now with the updated Desktop Manager available from Vodafone Germany. With the 4.6 BlackBerry Java Desktop Environment released just yesterday, it’s hard not to think that some of the issues delaying the launch of the BlackBerry 9000 are getting resolved. If the OS is solid enough that the JDE and Desktop Manager can be offered publicly, I think we can look out for a release real soon. T-Mobile Germany was one of the first to throw out some pricing, and Vodafone had one of the earliest sources of Bold pictures, so at very least Germans have good reason to get excited. If software’s not enough of an indicator, there’s also a batch of presale German BlackBerry Bolds to be shipped August 6th to get your hopes up…

(via BerryReview)

BlackBerry Bold due from T-Mobile in July with $140 pricetag


While Rogers and AT&T dates for BlackBerry 9000 launches have been ball-parked to late summer, we’ve heard little from the other side of the pond until now. T-Mobile’s German site is showing off the Bold due in “Juli”, and carrying a €550 ($US 860) pricetag without contract and as low as €90 ($US 140) with an agreement, which should give us a good idea of how much we can expect to dish out when the thing lands up here. Pretty affordable with the plan, and with rumours of the Kickstart’s pricetag, it looks like we’re looking at some competitive prices all around for the next batch of devices.

(via BBNews)

WES 08 Hangover Week: GPXS grabs ISEC7


We talked with the young and talented ISEC7 crew back at WES, but neglected to mention their recent acquisition by solutions provider GPXS. ISEC7’s main product is a BES monitoring suite called B*Nator that includes spiffy BlackBerry remote control app for help desk operators, while GPXS offers a wide array of services, ranging from enterprise application deployment, to hosted BES. ISEC7 shows a lot of promise, and is definitely a good buy on GPXS’ part.

Free mobile file conversion


Josep just pointed us to Beam it up Scotty, which chews up picture, document, music and video files and spits mobilized versions back at you via SMS download link. We aren’t getting any luck with a Canadian phone number, but considering it’s German, we might guess this is just for European users right now. (Edit: I’m a dumbass, just didn’t put 00 before my phone number.) Anyway, give it a shot and leave a comment letting us know how it works.

iPhone muscling in on BlackBerry’s enterprise turf?


Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, I know, but there are some companies that are putting iPhone before BlackBerry, such as German software developer SAP. Their latest mobile customer relationship management package will be coming out for iPhone before BlackBerry or Palm. It’s easy to fob this decision off as one company making a poor business decision, but the fact is RIM isn’t completely stone-walling Apple’s progress into the enterprise market. Even if Apple remains the underdog in enterprise mobility, not unlike its status in the computer market, they can still manage to nab a healthy slice of the pie. Nobody’s expecting BlackBerry to be ousted as Corporate King anytime soon, but there will be points where it’s rubbing shoulders with Apple. It’ll be interesting to see who else makes the switch as the iPhone settles in.