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Mobiroo Launches App Gift Cards for Android and BlackBerry


Mobiroo is a Toronto startup that has launched a gift card service for Android and BlackBerry. The gift cards allow you to buy apps through Mobiroo’s catalog and purchase apps for friends. The service is something that is definitely needed for BlackBerry users but there are some pretty major challenges for the company ahead. More about the company and the gift cards after the jump.
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Developers: Maybe It’s Time to Drop Mobihand Entirely


app pirate

Have you checked whether or not your app is being pirated? A development shop recently reached out to BBCool to say that they’ve noticed a particular Mobihand user that has been purchasing their software and then posting the JAD files on his website and Twitter. This software pirate is from Malaysia and sells a $10 VIP membership to offset the cost of buying the apps. According to the developer it’s getting really bad and the download rate for pirates apps is 2 to 1 compared to paid, and it’s all coming from this one guy. Obviously, we’re not going to write the pirate specifically because we don’t want to drive any traffic to him.

We’ve been on a tirade against Mobihand lately and this is just one more reason we don’t think developers should be giving them their intellectual property. When speaking with developers, the general consensus seems to be that only 10% or so of sales comes from Mobihand and the rest from App World. The reason why developers are staying with Mobihand these days seems to be because they want a closer relationship with the bloggers and giveways through Mobihand make it easy to reach out to the community. But if only 10% of your revenue is coming from Mobihand, you should consider simply finding other ways to reach out to the community. Sure, App World has its downsides, but if your software is being pirated then it’s worth losing that 10% revenue and finding a new way to market alongside bloggers. Gift cards are an easy giveaway as they can be sent remotely.
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DragonRAD Offering $50 Gift Card Draw for Attending Webinar



DragonRAD has offered a draw for a $50 gift card to the BlackBerryCool Store for anyone that registers, watches and stays to the end of their webinar. Their product sounds like a really easy way to build BlackBerry enterprise applications, so if you’re interested, the $50 is a nice bonus. Here are the details:
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Premium Holiday Themes from Bplay Available with Gift Cards


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Something we asked for last year was for BlackBerry App World to roll out gift cards. It’s a simple holiday wish that goes a long way if you know anyone with a BlackBerry. Currently, Bplay is offering a section of Holiday themes, as well as a gift card section so you can buy games, themes or apps for a friend or loved one. We also have gift cards in the Mobihand section. Maybe RIM will roll out their gift card system next year.

Check out all the Holiday themes over at Bplay from this link.

To buy a Bplay Gift Card, head over to this link.

Slacker introduces Slacker Radio Plus Gift Certificates



Slacker announced today a series of Slacker Radio Plus gift subscriptions that let you give gifts to your friends and family. Slacker Radio Plus has all the features of the free Slacker Basic Radio, plus an unlimited number of song skips and song requests, ad-free listening, complete song lyrics and more.

The new Radio Plus gift offerings are available in 1-month, 3-month and 12-month increments. Each 12-month Radio Plus subscription also includes 10 additional 1-month promotional gift subscriptions to share with friends and family (a $49.90 value for free). Please note that there is a limit of one promotional 1-month subscription per account.

Slacker Radio Plus Gift Certificates

  • 12-Month Subscription for $47.88 (best value at $3.99/mo. and includes 10 free 1-month subscriptions to share)
  • 3-Month Subscription for $14.97 ($4.99/mo.)
  • 1-Month Subscription for $4.99

More information about Slacker Radio Plus Gift Certificates.

BlackBerry Holiday Wish: Gift cards for BlackBerry App World!



This year for the holidays, I would very much like BlackBerry App World to offer gift cards. While I don’t believe they are going to do it, I think it would be a huge opportunity to introduce new BlackBerry users to the world of downloading apps and opening up the market to more app users.

Everyone else is doing it:


The BlackBerry Cool store offers gift cards in 15, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 dollar amounts. The gift card amounts go fairly high so that you can have enough money on the account to get accessories too. App World gift cards wouldn’t have to go that high, but I guess there’s no harm in offering it. One of the features that Mobihand offers that would appeal to App World users is the product-specific gift certificate. I would love to see App World include a feature called “Buy this for a friend.”
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