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The Predicktor Shows Apple’s Prudeness and Scores One for BlackBerry


The Predicktor is a great app. It combines humour and education to bring to light a sensitive subject in sex education that is important to at least 50% of the population: penis size. The app takes a variety of data including height and shoe size, and combines data from medical journals, to provide a prediction about a man’s penis size. The idea is part novelty (how accurate is it?), part humour (it’s funny to predict penis size), part game (girls can do it for fun) and part education (people should know penis size doesn’t deviate much within groups of the same diet and genetics). The app’s developer recently wrote me to say that the app was denied by Apple for being too graphic (bear in mind that there are no pornographic images), but it has been approved on BlackBerry World and is available for BlackBerry 10 users.
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Manage BlackBerry 10 Deployments Easily with ActiveSync


A lot of small and medium sized businesses don’t need all the extra security and device management that enterprise level deployments demand out of BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. Enter ActiveSync: an easy way to manage mobility for your small or medium sized business.
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BlackBerry, Microsoft, Google and More at the Ottawa International Game Conference #OIGC2013


OIGC 2013

The Ottawa International Game Conference is coming and it’s a great opportunity to meet some of the world’s most innovative tech and gaming companies including BlackBerry, Microsoft and Google. The conference features 2 days worth of speakers, a full day for developers, a game design day and a Gamification Summit. Not to mention there are some amazing parties with lots of great people to meet.

If you’re interested in going to the conference and you’d like a discount, we have discount codes available for 25% off the ticket price. Simply write to kyle at blackberrycool dot com for a discount.

For more information, head over to OGC2013.com.

IM+ Pro for BlackBerry Half Price for the Holidays


IM+ Pro is an instant messaging app for BlackBerry that support most of the world’s IM systems. Buy the pro version of the app for half-price for a limited time, a must for any IM user with a BlackBerry.
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How Does RIM Succeed in Enterprise/Government When All Smartphones Are FIPS Certified?


Recently, RIM was at GTEC, Canada’s Government Technology Event, where Paul Lucier, Head of Global Government Solutions, was talking about BYOD, BES 10 and a little bit of BlackBerry 10. During the same day, RIM was also presenting its progress on BlackBerry 10 at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier. While there wasn’t much new on the BlackBerry 10 side of things (at least since what we saw at BlackBerry Jam), it was interesting to see RIM tout its FIPS certifications and announce that BlackBerry 10 was FIPS certified before launch (an industry first). But RIM isn’t unique in its ability to get FIPS certification. Other smartphones will get it. So what is RIM’s competitive advantage in a market where its competitors are also FIPS certified?
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How to Get Your Android App BlackBerry Ready: Fungitron for Playbook


Fungitron is a very detailed resource on mushrooms, originally available for Android devices it has been ported to the Playbook platform. You’ve probably heard a lot about how easy it is to get your existing Android app working on the BlackBerry Playbook, Here’s Peter Kovacs’ first hand account of the whole process.
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