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GetGlue BlackBerry App Now Available in Private Beta


GetGlue has been on a tear ever since the checkin culture has exploded. Now, not only are people checking in the venues and restaurants, but they’re also checkin in the their favorite entertainment such as television shows. By checking in, you unlock badges and physical stickers. Even though there isn’t much of a value proposition, it’s a service that’s growing fast.
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Gowalla Now Out of Beta and Updated with Trips, Items, Photos and More



When Gowalla first launched their beta it was pretty grim and had a lot of bugs to fix. There’s nothing wrong with that and as Guy Kawasaki says “Don’t worry, be crappy” and “Churn, baby, churn”. Over the weekend, the Gowalla app for BlackBerry left beta and went version 1.0 along with the following improvements:
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Gowalla for BlackBerry Now in Public Beta with Trips Coming Soon


Gowalla let us know that they have released an update to Gowalla for BlackBerry and it’s now in full public beta. The app allows users to share photos and comments, as well as receive better notification options. Similar to Gowalla on other platforms, Gowalla for BlackBerry will soon implement Trips and Items on the BlackBerry interface, allowing users to share even more with their communities and social networks.

Gowalla Trips is a unique feature of the location based service that allows users to add a series of destinations to a list and call it a Trip. On other platforms, users can add up to 20 spots of their choosing, then publish it to Gowalla. Their published trips are viewable in the Gowalla app by their friends.
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Gowalla for BlackBerry Now Available in Beta


Gowalla is another location-based service that lets you check-in to businesses and collect rewards for essentially promoting the venue to your friends. This type of location-based viral promotion is definitely the forefront of location advertising. The viral factor helps spread awareness about the venue, and companies can offer tailored incentives to drive more business.

The problem with Foursquare, which I’m curious about with Gowalla, is that the user experience is totally defined by what city you live in. In Ottawa, the experience is very lackluster and there is only 1 business that takes advantage of the service (the Mercury Lounge). There are no food deals and for someone who doesn’t drink or go out, this means there are no deals available in the City. Considering Foursquare aren’t adding many badges, their is now almost no value proposition for Ottawa users on Foursquare. Will Gowalla have a similar downside? We’ll review the two services and compare their value proposition for a user.

Download Gowalla for BlackBerry and let us know what it’s like using it in your city.

Gowalla LBS App Coming to BlackBerry “Very Soon”


Checking-in is becoming a hot trend in the smartphone space these days with Foursquare, Yelp, Loopt and Gowalla all competing for users. Gowalla is a popular LBS app for iPhone that are making the move over to BlackBerry, perhaps in light of Foursquare’s recent success with the platform.

According to Gowalla founder Josh Williams, BlackBerry users can expect to see a Gowalla app “very soon.” Until then, you can always use the web version at m.gowalla.com, but it can’t compete with the foursquare beta app. I personally find it’s always best to have an app.

What do you think of either of these apps?