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IM+ Pro for BlackBerry Half Price for the Holidays


IM+ Pro is an instant messaging app for BlackBerry that support most of the world’s IM systems. Buy the pro version of the app for half-price for a limited time, a must for any IM user with a BlackBerry.
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IM+ for BlackBerry updated to 10.1


Instant Messaging suite IM+ for BlackBerry has been updated. The full-featured Messaging app plugs into all the popular IM clients into a single all-in-one app.

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BlackBerry Instant Messaging Clients Updated


Instant Message clients

The BlackBerry Instant Messaging & Social Network clients have been updated.  Some of the updates include Facebook up to, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and others were bumped up to 2.1.48. As usual, there’s no documentation detailing the updates, so please let us know if you notice any changes in the comments. You can get the updates on your BlackBerry via http://www.blackberry.com/instantmessaging Thanks to Dave Peckens for the heads up!

Free IM client for BlackBerry connects Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and AIM


Friendplay.com has launched a free instant messaging application for BlackBerry and Java enabled phones with Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk and AIM messaging connectivity.

Download your free copy by going to im.friendplay.com on your BlackBerry browser.

Instead of one-to-one chat sessions, users can create multiple chat rooms and add their friends into a frequently chatted friend list. Other than free chat, the application is able to backup your contact list so that you can retrieve your friend list which stores the phone numbers in case they have lost their mobile phones.

BlackBerry Instant Message clients updated (AIM, Yahoo, GTalk, MSN)


Instant Message clients

AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Chat, Google Talk and MSN Messenger have all been updated and are ready for download. The applications have gone from version 2.1.44 to 2.1.45. I can’t find any documentation about added features or bug fixes so if you find any, be sure to comment.

One potential update includes the ability to link MSN Messenger contacts to contacts in your BlackBerry address book.

Download the updated Instant Messaging clients from your BlackBerry browser.


RIM updates your IM clients for BlackBerry


This isn’t ground-breaking news or anything but you can update your instant messaging clients to version 2.1.42. There doesn’t seem to be any features added or any real reason to download the update.

If you notice something new with the updates, comment and let me know.

Go here to download the update.