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BlackBerry Jam Americas Hackathon Winners


Before opening day at BlackBerry Jam Americas, several development teams took part in a BlackBerry 10 hackathon to see what apps can come out of a single day of coding. Winners were judged on several criteria and a lot of different types of apps came out of the project.

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BlackBerry Blog Hacked in Response to RIM Statement - Hackers Threaten to Reveal Employee Info


BlackBerry Website hack

RIM recently released a statement saying the company will company with The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in light of the London riots. Compliance with the act could mean RIM would be intercepting and handing over relevant communications. Police have said that BBM was used to coordinate much of the looting and riots and these messages could lead to arrests.

For those unaware of the riots, it seems to have been caused by the death of Mark Duggan, an alleged drug dealer who was shot by a special gang and drug division of Scotland Yard. Duggan also apparently used BBM to send a final message to his girlfriend. He wrote, “The Feds are following me.” Handing over Duggan’s BBM messages to police could also reveal a lot about the individual whose death apparently inspired the riots.

The hacker group TeaMp0isoN targeted RIM’s official blog and left the following message on the site:
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Zeus Trojan Infects BlackBerry via SMS



BlackBerry is a mostly secure platform, but information on a new Zeus Trojan that has migrated to the BlackBerry has recently been announced.  In an effort to help keep you and your fellow BlackBerry users safe, we want to share the details of the trojan. According to infoseland “The malware allows remote access of infected Blackberry devices by the attacker, who can then change the SMS message default number, add a new device administrator, control blocked call lists, and even turn the device on and off. The Trojan also removes itself from the list of installed applications to avoid scanning and detection by antivirus software.”

Cert Polska reports that once the trojan is downloaded, you have a few removal options. The trojan sent the file cert.jad . Upon it’s installation, you’ll find sertificate, which is either sertificate.jar or sertificate.cod under Options -> Applications. Delete this application and reboot your phone. If this is unsuccessful or if you’d like a more thorough approach, you can do a full wipe of the device.

Stay safe out there and don’t install software via SMS unless you specifically requested it.

Sources: Infosecland and CERT

iPhone SMS Database Hijacked at Pwn2Own Contest


Using a previously unknown exploit, Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann managed to grab the SMS database from an iPhone lured to a rigged website. The exploit crashed the browser session, but Weinmann said that with some additional effort, he could have a successful attack with the browser running.
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Hackers paid $10k to hack BlackBerry with no success



CanSecWest. a conference focused on infosecurity, is offering $10,000 for each and every successful attack they can execute on any of the five major smartphone operating systems: BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, Nokia/Symbian and Windows Mobile.

The companies behind these products are helping pay the hackers (developers?) with the hopes of learning more about how to improve their device security. Some hackers are finding it very difficulty to hack the devices. “I can’t break them…I don’t have anything for the iPhone, and I don’t know enough about Google,” says Charlie Miller, a guy who recently hacked a MacBook in less than 10 seconds.

So it seems your personal data is much safer than you may have thought.

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