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How to save on battery life


BatteryJust stumbled on this solid guide to conserving battery life on mobiles. One of BlackBerry’s big selling points is killer battery life, but that’s no excuse to get lazy - you can stretch it even farther by following some of these easy-to-remember tips. A no-brainer is to turn off extra wireless functions like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS or dual-mode roaming on the World Edition, and turning off vibrating alerts.

Some lesser-known tips include only using your BlackBerry in areas where you have a strong signal, since more battery life is used up trying to establish connections over weak signals. Initializing a new battery with 5-6 hours of juice before using it should also increase the maximum capacity in the long run. The guide also suggests cleaning battery contacts every once in awhile in order to keep power transfer optimized. There’s plenty more there, so take a look.

Aflac’s tech concierge shares her BlackBerry tips


Margaret Genet is an operations analyst at the insurance company Aflac who doubles as a tech concierge, teaching BlackBerry tips and tricks to other members of the company. CIO.com got her to share some of her secrets with them and posted the results. The tricks are organized by category: typing tricks, such as holding down a key to type a capitalized letter or inserting the date by hitting the L key followed by D and then space; messaging tips like how to turn on automatic spellchecking; phone suggestions, including how to access email and other documents during a call; and even a few solutions for common problems or errors. All in all, there’s a wealth of information even for BlackBerry gurus, with the only caveat being that some of the methods might not work on older models. Between this guide and our other tips, anyone can get the most out of their phone.

How to update Facebook status through GTalk


FacebookJosep just pointed us to a way of updating your Facebook status message through your BlackBerry’s GTalk client. Now, why you wouldn’t just get the Facebook application is beyond me, but maybe you spend a lot of time on GTalk and not much on Facebook. I don’t know. Anyway, FON Labs is behind this, and seem to have a few cool projects under their belt.

1. Add facebook@fon.com to your Gtalk contact list
2. Type help in the chat window to receive instructions
3. Get your identification code clicking on the link in the message
4. Type “identify facebook code” in the chat window
5. Type your status message in the chat window
6. Click on the link to authorize the application to update your Facebook status in the future (this will be asked you just the first time).

How to keep tabs on all your social networks


Viigo singleSpeaking of Viigo, they’ve recently posted a tip on how to keep an eye on a bunch of your networks on your BlackBerry through a little something called Plaxo. What Plaxo does is tap into your various online services like Facebook, Digg, Yelp, Twitter, and the like, and funnels all the events happening in them to a feed called the Pulse, which can be broken up into Friends, Family, Business and Me streams. From Plaxo you can create RSS feeds which you can pop into Viigo via the Add Web Feed option. Since I started using the Flock browser, I’ve gotten a nice taste of this growing multi-network shtick, and it’s hard to deny the appeal if you use any one of them. In fact, having a bunch of services under one roof often gets you involved with new networks you hadn’t known about before.

BlackBerry for Dummies 2nd. Ed. released


BlackBerry for DummiesJosep has noticed that a new edition of BlackBerry for Dummies has been released today, to the jubilation of new BB-users worldwide. I’ve got a few Dummies books kicking around, and they’re all written with clarity, humour and expertise. BlackBerry for Dummies covers the whole slew of basic and intermediate functions, such as e-mail, attachments, the Address Book, MemoPad, Calendar and Calculator, as well as PIN-to-PIN messaging, web surfing and call functions. If you’re interested, you can pick up a copy cheap on Amazon.

RIM helps you find free software


Built for BlackBerryRIMarkable has pointed out a new minisite RIM has launched called Built for BlackBerry, which directs surfers to some grade-A software that’s either entirely free or has a 30-day trial. You can browse by software category, such as Games, Navigation, and News, but if you’re looking for a full-blown reference, you probably want the BlackBerry Solutions Guide. Built for BlackBerry seems geared towards hooking folks in who are new to BlackBerry software and are still figuring the full capabilities of the device. And hey, our buddies at Viigo are on there, too.