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BlackBerry Cool wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!


blackberry cool thanksgiving

I’m sure all of our U.S. readers are wondering right now if they blacked out and woke up in late November, but trust us, Canadians are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday right now (being the responsible nation that we are, we don’t like to dally and prefer to get our holidays out of the way early).

What does this mean for BlackBerry Cool? A few less updates tomorrow as I will be heading back to the nation’s capital from the wilds of Northern Ontario. The BlackBerry Cool Podcast will also likely go up Tuesday or Wednesday, allowing Fake Ted Rogers and myself some time to digest our turkey and reflect upon the week that was.

To all Canadian members of the BlackBerry Nation, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday! Americans, you’ll get your turn soon enough!

BBCool shirks labour on Labour Day


If Labour Day celebrates labour, shouldn’t we be laboring more today? Despite that logic, BBCool HQ totally disagrees and has taken the day off. We’ll be back tomorrow for your regularly-scheduled BlackBerry coverage. Hope you guys are all enjoying your holiday, too!