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Start-up Guys On the Importance of BBM


Here’s some Friday fun: the start-up guys are back and this time telling everyone BBM is the ultimate start-up guy tool. Anyone who has been in the tech industry for a long time has met someone like the start-up guys. They talk a lot and use a ton of buzz words, but nobody has any idea what they’re actually saying.
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BlackBerry Outage Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment


The Taiwanese animation studio NMA does a good job of making outrageously-exaggerated videos of relatively minor incidents in Western media and the recent BlackBerry outage is no exception. At one point, the video suggests that Google might have had something to do with the outage, just in case you had any doubt these videos were nothing but jokes. Video after the break.
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Funny British Comedy Clip: “My BlackBerry is Not Working!”


YouTube Link

British Comedy is sometimes hard for North Americans to appreciate because of the thick accents and strange words from days of yore, but this is a clip that every BlackBerry user would appreciate. The clip comes from a preview of The One Ronnie, a show that features Ronnie Corbett in a variety of sketches. Enjoy!

College Humor: BBM or Text a Contact Something Ridiculous for $100


College Humor put together a contest video that asks people to spin a wheel and either BBM or text a contact for $100. The best part is that you have to wait 5 minutes before telling the person that it was a prank, in order to give them time to answer and let the prank settle in. Check out the video for a few laughs.

How Smartphone Users See Each Other: iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry


funny comic strip
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Seriously? $1000 “I Am Rich” App Hits Mobihand App Store


i am rich blackberry app

An app recently appeared in the BlackBerryCool store that is going off the success of the I Am Rich application for iPhone which was subsequently pulled from the App Store. The I Am Rich app for BlackBerry is just as ridiculous and seems to just put a couple of gold bars as your wallpaper along with an icon on the homescreen.
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