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Theme Throwdown Week 2: Gadgetbean iBerry Themes and More

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For those that don’t remember from last week, the Theme Throwdown is a contest for premium theme designers. We challenged 4 of our top selling theme designers to our first-ever Theme Throwdown. Each theme designer gets to choose five of their top-selling themes, one for each day (Mon-Fri), for a week of Deal of the Day promotions. Whoever sells the most themes in their week wins the “Theme Throwdown Champion 2010″ title.

Every BlackBerryCool reader that RTs the following tweet will be entered for a chance to win 10 free themes from their favorite theme designer:

RT and enter to win 10 free #JCDesigns BlackBerry themes. 50% off a top theme from 5/31-6/4. See todays deal http://bit.ly/bB9GiL

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Bplay Launches iBerry Horizon Theme with Sliding Icons

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Bplay has a new iBerry theme out and this one is called Horizon. The theme features 12 icons that slide along the bottom of the theme as well as Today items. iBerry is one of the most popular themes in BlackBerry theme history, as it gives users a fun new way to experience their device. The theme also features an awesome wallpaper showing a horizon view of Earth from space.

Check out the iBerry Horizon theme from Bplay.

Bplay launches new BlackBerry games and themes: Hulk, iBerry 2.0, Guitar Dude and more

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Here’s a little bit of Friday fun from the fine folks at Bplay. The number one BlackBerry entertainment provider just tipped us off to a bunch of new BlackBerry games and themes released just in time for the weekend. On the games front we have the Incredible Hulk, based on the new live action movie, and as for themes? Because I’m such a MacHead (a sin, I know, but it’s the blogger in me), I’m all about their new iBerry 2.0 theme. Check out the links for each below and photos after the jump.

iBerry 2.0
Guitar Dude
Holy Wood Zen
The Incredible Hulk

Bplay games and themes screenshots

iBerry theme now for 8700s

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UPDATE: There is a new version of the iBerry Theme available for BlackBerry. It also supports the BlackBerry Pearl. Check the link below for more info:
iBerry 2.0 Today theme available

Good ol’ Shayne appears to listen to supply and demand. After the success and buzz (including a spot on top of Digg’s technology section) of the iBerry theme for the BlackBerry 7100, Shayne and the BlackBerry Theme Central team quickly put together the same theme for the more popular 8700. Like it’s predecessor, you’re still looking at a $5 donation to obtain the theme, but it’s more than worth it to show that although you dig the looks, it’s the inside of the device that matters - and you’re sticking with the ‘Berry.

iBerry Theme for BlackBerry

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UPDATE: There is a new version of the iBerry Theme available for BlackBerry. It also supports the BlackBerry Pearl. Check the link below for more info

iBerry 2.0 Today theme available

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from the long URL that is BlackBerryThemeCentral.com. BBTC’s head of operations dropped me a note this morning to let me know about his newest addition to the theme library, and I think you’ll all be pretty impressed. Presenting (wait for it…) the iBerry.

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New BlackBerry Pearl themes

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UPDATE: Those looking for more recent BlackBerry Pearl themes can check out the post link below

iBerry 2.0 Today Theme Available

You know, for once I wish they’d create something for a BlackBerry that whenever you enter a room, it plays your own theme music (just for kicks - what would you have as yours?). For now, we’ll have to settle for these themes. Reports from BBHub (via BlackBerryForums) have four new themes surfacing for your Pearl. The ones pictured are “Phantom” and one that should be classified as “Ugly Comic Book”. Check out two more after the jump. All available at mobile.blackberry.com . Cue theme music.

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