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Txt2Mbox Sends Copies of SMS Text Messages to Email Inbox


One of the great things about modern email inboxes is you simply never have to delete emails. Storage has become so cheap that almost all of you will never reach your limits. On your BlackBerry, it’s great to know that all your emails are indexed somewhere forever but text messages don’t have the same benefit unless you use an app such as Txt2Mbox. Txt2Mbox is a text message archiving utility for the BlackBerry.
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InstantLog Updated with IMAP Mail Server Support



Twinkler Software let us know that they have rewritten InstantLog with increased reliability and new features. They’re also offering 20% until the end of the month.

InstantLog runs in the background and lets you choose to log incoming email and/or SMS messages to your native calendar and/or backup to IMAP email accounts (GMail optimized). InstantLog can also record all incoming, outgoing, and missed calls to the calendar and/or IMAP account. There is also a Firewall feature that allows the user to define email and SMS messages that will not be logged for privacy purposes. In the latest version (1.6), InstantLog features:

  • Support of any IMAP Mail Server. (Optimal configuration is achieved using Gmail Account).
  • Support Gmail’s chat style messages.
  • UTF-8 encoding, multi-language support.
  • User Configurable Transfer Indicator when uploading message to IMAP Server.

Check out InstantLog in the BBCool Store for more information.

BIS customers now getting instant IMAP e-mail


MailboxA quiet BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade has been rolled out that according to many is resulting in much quicker e-mail delivery over IMAP. Traditionally, only those on BlackBerry Enterprise Server would get their e-mail pushed to their handset instantly, and BIS users had to wait 10-15 minutes for delivery. Now anyone getting their BIS e-mail via servers that support IMAP IDLE will receive messages in real-time as the standard was designed to provide. It’s great to see the upgrade, especially for BIS users who have had less-than-stellar delivery times, but you have to wonder why it took so long for IMAP IDLE to be supported.

(via BlackBerry News)

GMail releases IMAP support


GMail is now supporting IMAP synchronization, letting you keep e-mails across desktop, webtop, and handheld all in line. For BES customers this might not be a huge deal, but as a BIS user, keeping your e-mails properly read/unread across clients is a bit of a luxury feature. BlackBerrys these days come bundled with a GMail reader, so if Google is your one and only love, you’re probably just as well-off using that to view your e-mail since it syncs up fine too. What’s more likely is that GMail is a supplemental address which will now sync properly while being fed to the default BlackBerry e-mail area along with the rest of your messages. For small-time enterprise folks who are packing Google Apps for their own domain name but are running on BIS, solid syncing will let them play almost like the big boys on BES.