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Carrier Billing Becoming Increasingly Important for Developers


RIM’s carrier billing partnerships are an excellent way for consumers to purchase apps without having to use PayPal or a credit card. It’s also great for developers as it provides a convenient way to monetize their applications and provide users with the app where they may not otherwise be able to afford it. Eric at Ebscer recently shared some data around carrier billing and it looks like it’s fast becoming an essential service.
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RIM Should Be Manufacturing BlackBerrys in Indonesia and Not Malaysia


It’s no secret that Indonesia is an incredible market for RIM and BlackBerrys. The country has an incredibly talented, young and mobile-based population that has really taken to RIM’s smartphone. Recently, RIM chose Malaysia as the center for its East-Asian BlackBerry manufacturing and while the terms of the deal may have been sweet, RIM might have missed on a huge growth opportunity in Indonesia. More after the jump.
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Menoo Restaurant App Launches in Public Beta with Strong South Asian Support


Menoo is a location-based restaurant platform that has gone public beta. With Menoo, users can find restaurant dishes close to them as well as help build the database of restaurants, much like foursquare and facebook places does. Users send messages, upload pictures, vote for their favorite dishes and write restaurant reviews. Currently, the app supports over 3,000 restaurant menus from around Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the US. Menus come courtesy of partnerships with Indonesia-based JalanSutra and US-based AllMenus.com.

Register for Menoo at their website at this link.

Download the Menoo app OTA at this link mymenoo.com/download/menoo_download.php.

Macquarie Equities Research Gives RIM an Outperform Rating and US$40 Share Price Target


Analysts for the most part have been parroting each other lately when it comes to RIM and its share price. At least one group, Macquarie Equities Research, isn’t listening to the hype and is giving RIM an Outperform rating and a US$40 per share price target. Kevin Smithen, senior telecom services analyst with Macquarie, believes that while RIM may be seeing some decline in US markets, it is far better positioned internationally than other brands. According to Smithen, international markets are reluctant to adopt the iPhone or Android devices due to fears of their high-margin text messaging revenue being cannibalized. Lower subsidies for carriers in emerging markets also make for higher margins for RIM on each BlackBerry sold.

RIM is doing very well in international markets with a 50% market share in Indonesia where 5.5 million subscribers have actually generated sales of approximately 10 million units. RIM sales in the Asia-Pacific region have nearly doubled in the last year, growing to 1.61 million units in the first three months of 2011 from 817,000 units during the same period last year.

It’s interesting to note that whenever somebody claims “RIM is dead” they won’t touch on some very basic points such as 1) international growth 2) security and 3) the potential roadmap with QNX. These are major advantages for RIM that doesn’t jive with the lazy, half-assed blogging from C-list individuals.

BlackBerry Event Tops Largest Number of 4SQ Checkins in Indonesia


Check out “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” on 4SQ

We’ve written a few times here on BlackBerryCool about Indonesia because the country is fascinating from a web and mobile uptake perspective. Recently, RIM helped made Foursquare history in Indonesia, a country known for its intense badge collecting, during a BlackBerry sponsored concert in Jakarta. With a record 31548 checkins and 19216 people, “The Official Live & Rockin’ Venue” was likely 100% powered by BlackBerry (still need confirmation). This means that a single, one day Indonesian event registered around 20% of the total checkins registered at the Austin Convention Center which hosts SXSW, where Foursquare was debuted.

I’ve reached out to Foursquare for comment and we’ll update with anything they may provide.

Indonesian Foursquare Jumpers Show How Virtual Goods Motivate


Foursquare user Smokit is a Foursquare Jumper. Check out @somkitl‘s Twitter feed too.

Almost every modern, relevant web service and app is using badges and virtual goods to motivate their users to participate and act more on the app/service. Websites such as The Fancy, Foodspotting, Raptr, Untappd, GetGlue, OneTrueFan etc. all use basic game mechanics and virtual goods to motivate their users. While all of them are seeing some great traction with their users, Foursquare has a unique group of Indonesian users called “Jumpers” that have taken the virtual goods hoarding to another level.

The Indonesian badge mafia has a goal of grabbing every single Foursquare badge available and they’ll do so by any means necessary including fake checkins, web/geo workarounds and even paying other users to check them in. How did this group come about? Well a lot of it has to do with the country itself. Indonesia is a country of 240 million people, of which half is under the age of 29. These young adults are obsessed with the web and the startup culture that fosters innovation in the space. Not only are they die hard BlackBerry and smartphone users, but they constitute a significant portion of Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare’s traffic.
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