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Rove Mobile Admin Demonstrates Disaster Recovery Potential


We’ve written about Mobile Admin several times on BlackBerryCool and most recently they sent us over some validation for their product in terms of disaster recovery. Mobile Admin generally lets IT administrators perform their jobs from their smartphone and it’s interesting to see how the product helps during natural disasters. More after the jump.
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Zenprise Announces MobileManager Version 6.0


zenprise architecture

Zenprise is a company we’ve been following for a long time on BlackBerryCool and they have recently launched 6.0 of their MobileManager product. The company’s product is a holistic approach to security for a company with support for multiple smartphones in their environment. In order to keep a company’s data safe, MobileManager offers IT the following security and management capabilities:
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Zenprise introduce a User Health Check enhancement to MobileManager


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Zenprise have announced an enhancement to their MobileManager platform: the User Health Check system. With a 100 point troubleshooting checklist, IT departments can more easily deal with support issues, which will surely jump after the holiday smartphone buying blitz.

The Zenprise User Health Check runs through a 100 point checklist to diagnose and resolve, in real time, the most common user support issues. The checklist is so simple that the average smartphone user could probably run the diagnostic themselves. After performing the diagnostic, Zenrprise will identify potential hardware and software issues with the device, user configuration errors, carrier related problems, backend server issues, or device encryption problems.

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BoxTone 5.0 released with new features to empower BES admins



BoxTone have launched BoxTone 5.0 and there are some interesting updates to the product. The top 5 features you will see include:

1. Real-Time BlackBerry Productivity Tracking and Reporting
2. Controlling Employee Device Invasion
3. BoxTone Expert Connected for Remote Device Tracking
4. Roaming and Data Overage Tracking and Reporting
5. Expanded User Self-Service
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Research finds disconnect between smartphone adoption and device management



Zenprise today announced findings from an Osterman Research study that reports that most enterprise IT departments are not equipped to handle the rapid increase in smartphone adoption. In fact, less than 40 percent of respondents express confidence in their mobile management platform.

Osterman Research forecasts that the proportion of the North American workforce equipped with employer-supplied mobile devices will double from 23 percent of the workforce in 2008 to 46 percent by 2011. If left unmanaged, rapid smartphone adoption can result in serious problems including lost productivity and revenue, as well as escalating support costs.

A synopsis of the key report findings include:

  • Only 40% of organizations expressed confidence that all elements of their mobile messaging platform are fully protected against downtime.
  • 60% of decision makers expressed modest, minimal or no confidence that they can protect their mobile infrastructure from downtime.
  • 33% of organizations do not offer an SLA and have no plans to do so.

Despite a clear lack of confidence in IT’s current mobile infrastructure, they are being asked to support a greater variety and number of mobile platforms. Software that can automatically troubleshoot mobile user issues and simplify management are fast becoming a staple of the data center.
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Mobile Admin by Rove goes 4.2 - extend your IT reach


Rove develops a great piece of software called Mobile Admin and it has recently gone version 4.2. Mobile Admin enables the administration of your IT infrastructure via mobile devices. Once the Mobile Admin Server is deployed within your network, your users can perform a wide range of administrative tasks from a variety of mobile devices.

With their latest version, Rove’s Mobile Admin is poised to make IT administrators more efficient and help businesses stay on top of problems whenever they may occur. With version 4.2, Mobile Admin now features:

Microsoft System Center Operation Manager
System Center Operation Manager is an end-to-end service-management solution that allows IT management teams to address issues affecting the health of their distributed IT services. With the latest version of Mobile Admin, users can view alerts along with alert details, as well as manage and resolve alerts. Users can also view and resolve computer health states directly from their device.

VMware Virtual Center
VMware simplifies server provisioning through virtualization. Mobile Admin allows IT administrators to retrieve a running copy of a failed server from a virtual machine, or view VMware ESX server status information remotely when a problem occurs. Mobile Admin also allows IT administrators to check and manage their VMware infrastructure on a global basis using VMware Virtual Center.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5
The BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) 5 includes the BlackBerry Administration Service (BAS), a new web-based management console that replaces the BlackBerry Resource Kit (BRK). From Mobile Admin 4.2, users can directly control BES 5 services and administer users using BAS.

Microsoft System Center Device Manager (MDM)
Microsoft System Center Device Manager (MDM) enables Windows Mobile devices to be deployed and managed like PCs and laptops in the IT infrastructure. Mobile Admin allows the administration of Windows Mobile devices through the MDM – including provisioning and activating devices.

In addition, Mobile Admin 4.2 includes mobile auditing capabilities, enhanced data routing, and usability improvements. This is a must have app for any IT administrator.

To try Mobile Admin 4.2 on a free 14 day trial, visit RoveIT.com/trial.