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iTookThisOnMyPhone gets geotagging update


ITTOMP, the lovingly-anacronymed picture-sharing service, announced an update at WES, including geotagging support. Although not new, it was news to me that the service supports video sharing too, which is pretty awesome considering how impressed with Qik I was. Geotagging is getting increasingly popular, with whole apps like GPSed revolving around it, and even becoming integrated into the BlackBerry 9000. You can nab the latest version of iTookThisOnMyPhone for free right over here.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: iTookThisOnMyPhone


If you’re a budding photographer you might want to check out iTookThisOnMyPhone. Their free service automatically uploads any pictures or videos you take to their servers, and allows you to describe and manage them online, leaving your BlackBerry Pearl or Curve’s memory free for other uses. You can can make photos public, or create user groups to only allow certain visitors access. They recently joined the ISV Alliance, so hopefully we can see some new features (ordering prints, maybe?) at WES this year.

New photo sharing service joins ISV Alliance


Some bold souls have taken the iWhatever moniker to a new extreme with iTookThisOnMyPhone, a free photo-sharing service recently announced as a member of the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendors Alliance. The gist of the program is anyone on a major U.S. carrier can have the photos they snap with their BlackBerry Pearl or Curve automatically uploaded to iTTOMP’s web service, letting you share your pictures immediately and leaving the memory on your BlackBerry for other things. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can upload, but you better believe that you’ll be seeing it on your bill if you’re on anything short of an unlimited data plan. iTTOMP seems handy for the folks who take a lot of pictures, but I think I’d stick with the new Facebook photo sharing for now. Thanks for the heads up, Ronen!