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RIM Releases Major Update to the BlackBerry 10 Development Tools Beta


RIM has announced a major update to the BlackBerry 10 development tools beta. Being touted as the most open development ecosystem in mobile today, BlackBerry 10′s new dev tools allows developers to build their apps using one of many supported languages such as C/C++ (native BB10 development), HTML5/Webworks, Adobe AIR, or Android Java runtime technologies.
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BlackBerry 10 Sample Apps Help with Development on the Dev Alpha


BlackBerry World has created a lot of excitement among mobile developers for RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 OS. RIM’s developer relations’ team has put together a list of examples to give developers a sneak peek of what’s being implemented on this new and exciting platform.
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Opera Mini 6.5 Launches on BlackBerry App World


The world’s most-used mobile browser, Opera Mini lands in App World today. Already boasting 160 million mobile users worldwide, Opera Mini will now be available to BlackBerry users in over 100 countries.

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RIM Announces BlackBerry Analytics Service Version 1.0


RIM has announced version 1.0 of its app analytics service powered by Webtrends. The service lets developers collect data on how their app is being used in order to optimize the app and improve the user experience.
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RIM Announces BlackBerry Java SDK Beta for BlackBerry 7


Hot on the heels of the BlackBerry 9900 series announcement, comes the Java SDK beta for BlackBerry 7 OS. The SDK takes advantage of the advanced hardware found under the hood of the new Bold Touch such as the magnetometer, NFC, video capture, and Open GL .

Scheduled for release at the end of May, the SDK also has some new APIs on the software side of things like Unified Search, maps, menu items, multimedia, barcodes and options.

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930 are slated for release summer 2011, this SDK update will allow developers to optimize their apps for the powerful new device.

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More Details on BlackBerry PlayBook Development from RIM Webcast


playbook gestures

The first of the BlackBerry PlayBook apps are being developed as we speak and it will be interesting to see what people come up with. Today, RIM hosted the first webcast for developers in a series that will span 5 weeks of PlayBook development help. Some of the details we learned in the webcast include:

  • RIM will be opening app world for PlayBook app submissions in about 2 weeks. More details about free PlayBooks for developers will come then.
  • The PlayBook will have a few cool gestures for switching apps, showing the keyboard and displaying device information such as battery life (pictured above).
  • The PlayBook will eventually support more than just Adobe AIR development. Developers will also be able to write apps for the PlayBook in Java and WebWorks.
  • Currently, there is no support for app splash screens but RIM will include it if there are enough devs asking for it.
  • App deployment over the BES is not finalized. The first version is a WiFi only version so no direct connection with BES but there will be tethering. No more details just yet.
  • Not a lot of information available on GPS and location support but this will be explained in future webcasts.
  • The PlayBook will have capabilities that the BlackBerry doesn’t.
  • The AIR SDK can leverage both front and rear facing cameras.
  • Theme Builder is not in the plans for the initial release but they’ll consider it if there is enough positive feedback.

The best part of the webcast was when Mike Kirkup said the PlayBook has a “kick ass” video processor. Can’t wait to check it out.