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TheStreet.com launches BlackBerry application!


The Street for BlackBerry

While we may have a few issues with their Senior Technology Correspondent Gary Krakow, as well as a long-standing distaste for Jim Cramer, we know how popular TheStreet.com is with you financial types. Well, we’ve got some good news: no, the market hasn’t rebounded, but TheStreet.com now has a BlackBerry application! Check out some of the features below:

- Categorized content sections such as Latest News, Jim Cramer, Winners & Losers, Analyst Upgrades & Downgrades
- Personalized stock watch lists — where users can add or remove stocks to track daily performance
- Quotes of the major indexes — The Dow, Nasdaq, S&P — and a quote search box for ticker price look-ups
- Home-screen notification of new stories and updated content

The best part? TheStreet.com’s BlackBerry application is free! The second best part? It was made by our fellow Canucks at Polar Mobile. Good job, guys!

Download TheStreet.com BlackBerry Application

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Weekly Contest: Why is the market undervaluing RIM?


(With Thought asking the best question of the week already in his editorial, it seemed best to make this the Weekly Contest. Whomever posts the best comment will receive 3 free games (!) from Bplay. LAST WEEK’S WINNER was JEF, who thinks Wi-Fi could be a win-win for everybody. ed.)

Interesting report coming from financial analysts the Motley Fool today. It seems that the Fool’s investor community has given a 1-star CAP rating to the boys and girls at RIM. This is despite the fact that RIMM is currently being traded at 222 USD, well above their 3-month high, and recently posted a ‘knock one out of the park’ quarter.

Most of the Fool’s concern seems to be based around the iPhone and other devices encroaching upon BlackBerry market share. I think these are completely valid concerns. However, for a company that has continuously met or beaten expectations, aren’t we shortchanging RIM a bit here? It’s possible that RIM’s stock is overvalued, and it’s true that no company can be bullish forever, but have we seen any indication at all that RIM’s slipping? I don’t think so. Maybe this is what Jim Cramer meant when he talked about pushing down RIM’s reputation in order to make mad money.

Check out Fool analyst Matt Koppenheffer’s analysis after the jump, and post a comment to let us know if you think analysts are giving RIM a raw deal.

Listen to the Fool.

Jim Cramer makes RIM one of his “Four Horsemen”, should we care?


Infamous market analyst and host of CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Cramer, has announced his new “Four Horsemen” of technology stocks on TheStreet.com. Previously, Cramer’s four picks had been Dell, Microsoft, Intel and Cisco, but have been replaced by [tag]RIM[/tag], Apple, Google and Amazon; these four companies are now, in Cramer’s estimation the new hot stocks to watch in the technology world.

However, given Cramer’s previous statements (and illicit recommendations) that we reported on last week, the BlackBerry Cool staff wonders what value, if any, this recommendation has. Can you trust Jim Cramer? Should you trust anyone for their market recommendations? Post a comment and let us know.

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 6 (Sponsored by Digby)


Digby logoAnd you thought we’d never be back with another award-wining podcast episode/experience of awesomeness. Well, you thought wrong, sir.

Steve St. Pierre rejoins the BlackBerry Cool crew to bring this tender little podcast into the world. Join in as we discuss a Wi-Fi’d BlackBerry 8800, Pearl 2 (looks like Steve was right), WTF Palm?, and why we hate Jim Cramer.

To subscribe to the BlackBerry Cool Podcast via iTunes, go here.

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BlackBerry Cool doesn’t trust Jim Cramer (and neither should you)


In a world where well-meaning blogs reporting what they’re told can turn the stock market on its head, it’s important for the responsible blogger to take stock of where his information is coming. Previously, we’ve kept our financially inclined readers up to date via the words of one Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money. We’d like to take this moment now to say that his recommendations and analysis will appear on our site no longer.

Excerpts of an interview between Cramer and Aaron Task of “Wall Street Confidential” (a video feature on TheStreet.com) have recently been published in the June 2007 issue of Harper’s Magazine. We’ve posted pieces of this interview after the jump, and Cramer’s recommendations to hedge-fund managers should make you livid. You should also notice a few familiar names.

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