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RIM sued by Mformation Technologies (BlackBerry Bytes)


RIM logoMformation Technologies, a handset management software firm, filed suit with RIM on Friday for patent infringement. Mformation alleges in its lawsuit that RIM has infringed upon two patents related to methods of “remote device management.”

“After refusing to license Mformation’s disclosed systems and software, RIM modified its BlackBerry software to include Mformation’s patented systems and methods of remote management,” Mformation said.

Mformation did not specify what remedies it is seeking. The lawsuit was filed in the District Court for the Northern District of California. We’ll obviously follow this story closely and let you know how it develops.

(via Reuters)

RIM launches preemptive legal strike against IP Com


Phoenix Wright RIM\'s Ace Attorney

Looking to keep its legal winning streak alive, RIM filed a preemptive suit yesterday against German patent troll IP Com, asking a Texas federal court to declare that RIM hasn’t infringed on three IP Com patents. RIM has also asked the court to issue an injunction preventing IP Com from using the patents to sue RIM for infringement.

Not to be outdone, IP Com has countersued RIM in Germany, and IP Com managing director, Cristoph Schoeller, had this to say:

IP Com had been negotiating a license agreement with RIM when RIM filed its lawsuit, Schoeller said. “We thought we were in negotiations,” he said, adding that he believes RIM may be trying to intimidate IP Com.

Good. You’re a patent troll: you make money solely by suing other companies for patents you hold. You deserve everything you get.

RIM wins another court battle, owns Visto on both sides of the Atlantic


Mere months after their victory over Visto in the United Kingdom, RIM has laid the legal smack down on the company once again. The Globe and Mail is reporting that Visto has agreed to pay damages to RIM after a Federal Court judge found that the company infringed on three of RIM’s patents. For those keeping score at home, this means the end of a suit that dates all the way back to the summer of 2006. Yeesh.

Both sides have yet to work out the damages Visto will have to pay, but RIM must be happy with the moral victory. Jack McCoy strikes again!

Go magenta or go home


Deutsche Telekom, parent company of a completely obscure, totally unknown, tiny little company called T-Mobile, sent a letter to Engadget Mobile claiming that the use of the color magenta in their logo constituted a trademark infringement and ever-so-politely asked them to stop using it. Early April Fool’s Day joke or not, Engadget fought back by making a few tiny changes to their logo and site layout. In a show of solidarity, a bunch of other blogs made similar changes. It remains to be seen whether this is an elaborate gag (in which case, thumbs up to everyone involved) or yet another example of absolutely ridiculous lawsuits.

Qualcomm CEO not willing to make nice with Broadcom


During a conference call yesterday discussing his company’s quarterly results, Qualcomm’s CEO, Paul Jacobs, said that the company has been unable to resolve its messy patent dispute with Broadcom because a deal would hurt its licensing business. Jacobs told investors that Broadcom wants its customers to be exempt from paying Qualcomm licensing fees for a large chunk of its intellectual property portfolio as part of a settlement, which Jacobs claimed was unacceptable.

Considering that Qualcomm has lost its last two court cases against Broadcom, this might simply be conference call posturing. However, things get trickier when Verizon’s recent deal with Broadcom is taken into account. Verizon is set to pay Broadcom a licensing fee, Verizon’s CEO said he would seek a way to receive compensation for the payments, which many have taken as an expectation that Qualcomm would end up footing the bill. Sounds crazy, but Verizon is Qualcomm’s largest carrier customer, and while no deal is in place, Qualcomm brass has already made overtures about supporting their “very important customer”.

In no way is this messy story over yet. Keep hitting BBCool and we’ll continue to fill you in with all the juicy details.