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BES 4.1.6 Maintenance Release 2 for Exchange and Lotus (BlackBerry Bytes)


Our good friend Ronen over at BerryReview has noticed that whispers of Maintenance Release 2 for BES 4.1 Service Pack 6 have been circling around the RIM partner website, which means it should be available for release fairly soon. We’ll let you know when it’s live, but the meantime, you can read documentation of the changes at the link below.

BES 4.1.6 Maintenance Release 2 Documentation

Tungle offers free BlackBerry scheduler


Tungle just announced BlackBerry integration aimed to ease meeting schedules, and already plays nice with Outlook, Lotus, iCal, Google Calendar and other platforms. Requests are simply sent via e-mail, and confirmations made through your BlackBerry’s browser. This sounds like a decent solution for us poor souls without an Exchange server, or if you’ve got a bunch of different platforms running that need to work together. You can head on over here to give it a shot, just keep in mind that it’s still in beta.

WorldMate Live adds Mac support and new email services


If you’ve somehow missed WorldMate Live, we’ve got you covered with a review, a spotlight, and a podcast. The software is a must-have for any globetrotter, allowing you to create itineraries and check world clocks, flight status, weather and more. Their latest update adds support for reading travel confirmation emails from a number of web-based email services including Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Mail. Users can forward confirmations to WorldMate’s confirmation address to have them automatically added to their itinerary and pushed to their BlackBerry, or have their travel agents skip the middleman and send them directly to WorldMate. They’ve also added Safari support, so Mac users can jump in on the action as well. If you’d like to get 6 months of WML’s premium service, you should check out our Weekly Contest

RIM shows off at Lotusphere


RIM’s been attending the IBM Lotusphere convention, without having too much to show off. They’re touting the usual promises of native HTML e-mail viewing (soon, honest), on-device document editing and remote e-mail lookup, but nothing we haven’t heard before. There was one little bit about Lotus environments…

“New features for users running IBM Lotus Sametime® and Microsoft Live Communications Server will include improved address book integration, IM contact “click to call”, IM session “convert to call” and advanced emoticon support, allowing co-workers to collaborate and communicate more effectively using their BlackBerry smartphones.”

Any Lotus users in the house? Maybe this is old hat, but we don’t get too much word from that neck of the IT woods.

BoxTone releases asset management module


Today BoxTone has busted out a new asset management module, which will let BES admins track volume, inventory and security of BlackBerry devices, as well as pinpoint inactive BlackBerrys which are uselessly draining your enterprise’s budget. They’ve got a slew of other modules, including one for help desk personnel. BoxTone is a BES administration system very similar to Zenprise with a few twists. For one, they support Lotus Domino servers in addition to Exchange. Secondly, BoxTone has a core product for which you can buy additional modules that expand the basic functionality, this way BoxTone can be tailored to whatever your BES setup is like.

There’s been some debate over the differences between the Zenprise and BoxTone (mainly revolving around the presence of a web-based interface), but we’re going to be taking a closer look at both real soon just to see what the key selling points are. If you’ve got any experience with either, feel free to drop a comment.