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Magmic Launches Free Texas Hold’em King Poker for BlackBerry 10


Magmic’s Texas Hold’em King has been an immensely popular game for BlackBerry since the early days when it got a special preload on legacy BlackBerry devices. The latest version, Texas Hold’em King for BlackBerry 10, is now available for free in BlackBerry World. The game features real-time multiplayer over Magmic’s fast game servers, and in-app purchase of chips if you want to be a high roller.

Download Magmic’s Texas Hold’em King for BlackBerry 10 at this link.

Magmic’s Jonathan Simon Promotes BlackBerry 10 Ahead of Fiscal Results


With RIM’s financial quarterly reports coming this afternoon, the media wants to know more about BlackBerry 10 and how developers feel about the platform. Most media is pretty in the dark when it comes to BlackBerry 10, because for the most part, they haven’t had their hands on the device and tried out a final version. Magmic’s Jonathan Simon was on the Business News Network talking about BlackBerry 10 and why Magmic supports the platform.
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All Magmic Themes Now on Sale for $0.99 For Limited Time


Magmic let us know that they’ve put all their themes on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. Magmic has a wide range of themes that cover even OS 7. Take the time to browse and see if there’s anything you like.

Check out all the BlackBerry themes from Magmic in BlackBerry World at this link.

Magmic’s Free Slots King Game Offers Crypt Keeper Theme For Halloween


Magmic’s free Slots King game is available for all BlackBerry smartphones and the game offers themes within the game so you can customize your slots experience. Gaming on BlackBerry is getting massively popular with developers on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook, and it’s good to see companies like Magmic still offering a premium gaming experience on legacy BlackBerry devices. It makes sense, there’s 80 million devices out there, making it a prime area for developers to make some money. Check out Slots King and let us know what you think.
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Magmic’s Blackjack King is Having a Chip Sale


Blackjack King is part of a series of free casino BlackBerry games from Magmic. Blackjack King is free to download and the game gives you 1000 (or more) free chips per day.
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BlackBerry 10 Jam Videos From BlackBerry World 2012


RIM has posted their BlackBerry 10 Jam videos from BBW2012. I think giving developers nearly a full 2 years head start before launching on smartphones is a sound strategy for the platform to launch with a critical mass of apps.

Lots of BlackBerry 10 Jam videos after the jump.
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