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BIS customers now getting instant IMAP e-mail


MailboxA quiet BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade has been rolled out that according to many is resulting in much quicker e-mail delivery over IMAP. Traditionally, only those on BlackBerry Enterprise Server would get their e-mail pushed to their handset instantly, and BIS users had to wait 10-15 minutes for delivery. Now anyone getting their BIS e-mail via servers that support IMAP IDLE will receive messages in real-time as the standard was designed to provide. It’s great to see the upgrade, especially for BIS users who have had less-than-stellar delivery times, but you have to wonder why it took so long for IMAP IDLE to be supported.

(via BlackBerry News)

BBSmart giveaway this Thursday


BBCoolThe folks at Mobihand just let us know about a giveaway happening this Thursday, January 24th. - with any purchase over $5, you get a free copy of the BlackBerry e-mail viewer, BBSmart. I’ve spent a lot of time with BBSmart, and it’s a top-notch app that seriously increases the quality of your mail-viewing. Considering it normally retails for around $25, spending $5 on some other stuff to get it included is a sweet deal. Obviously, the easiest way to get the most out of it is to find some cheap software to put you just over that magic $5 mark, like e-Mobile Color Pearl or a month of Voice on the Go. Just enter the code SMARTFREE at checkout on Thursday for your free copy of BBSmart.

Yahoo! Go 3.0 beta released


Another bit of news out of the Consumer Electronics Show is the release of version 3 of Yahoo Go for BlackBerry is now available from go.yahoo.com. At first glance, it looks like Google-style software suite, but Yahoo’s bringing some pretty cool stuff to the table, including mobile widgets. Right now they’ve only got some for MySpace, MTV and soon eBay, but it still looks like a good platform with lots of growth in it. Still, Yahoo Go! looks more about getting extra features like e-mail and maps that BlackBerrys already have included. For more info on the new version of Yahoo! Go, take a look over here.

The Big Kahuna of HTML mail viewing


After using Empower HTML Mail viewer for awhile, I decided to give BBSmart a shot. It didn’t take long to see why it’s so popular. The image loading in e-mails is quick, the links are well-formatted, and you’ve got some great options for saving templates and turning e-mails into calendar entries or tasks. It’s carrying a beefier pricetag at $24.99, but you certainly get what you pay for. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and lightweight, Empower is still a solid option.

BIS 2.4 features posted on RIM knowledgebase


RIMJibi has spotted a hint on the forums of the BlackBerry Internet Service v.2.4 features list on RIM’s knowledgebase. Highlights include vCard, MP3, PDF and RTF support, improved Yahoo! mail sync, delivery and read receipts, as well as wireless message deletion. Hmm, a lot of these sound like they were supposed to be in 2.3, weren’t they? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing the upgrade released before the end of the month.

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