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Aerize Alerts Updated to 2.0 Adding BBM to Alert System


Aerize Alerts has been updated to version 2 and have made all sorts of additions to their popular pop up message alert app. Aerize Alerts will give you a clean and clear popup not matter what you’re doing on your BlackBerry and gives you a call to action with various options.
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Txt2Mbox Sends Copies of SMS Text Messages to Email Inbox


One of the great things about modern email inboxes is you simply never have to delete emails. Storage has become so cheap that almost all of you will never reach your limits. On your BlackBerry, it’s great to know that all your emails are indexed somewhere forever but text messages don’t have the same benefit unless you use an app such as Txt2Mbox. Txt2Mbox is a text message archiving utility for the BlackBerry.
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LaterDude Pro reminds you to get in touch with your contacts


LaterDude is a free application that lets you create events from the Call Log. The premium version, LaterDude Pro has been released and features some great new features.

LaterDude Pro is an application that reminds you to call, SMS or email someone by integrating with your native calendar. After installing the app, you always have the reminder options available to you in the menus.

You can populate LaterDude Pro from the following applications:

- Call Log
- Messages/email Application
- SMS Application
- Address Book

Just enter menu and select “Remind me later!” to set a notification. It’s easy!

Purchase LaterDude Pro for $2.95.

How to stop your BlackBerry from clearing messages


“My blackberry has been clearing my phone log at random. Yesterday it also cleared all my text messages. Why is it doing this and how can I stop it from doing it?”

This seems to be a feature RIM has implemented when you run out of device memory. Phone logs and messages begin to purge themselves to allow the OS to continue running smoothly. There are several ways to fix this issue, the first being to manage your memory. Uninstall any applications you don’t use and through the Desktop Manager. Remove items such as languages, sample videos and help files if you don’t use. The second way to help to keep your Berry from running out of space is to delete old messages and clear Browser cookies and cache.

Menu key and select Options > Cache Operations. Clear History & Clear Cookies

Lastly, Themes are a memory hog. Try to limit yourself to as few as possible. “Plus” themes seem to be a lot bigger in size than standard Today, Icon and Zen themes. So be aware of the size when installing new themes.

Thanks for the questions Susan A.

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