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BlackBerry Bold coming to Bahrain


Uh-oh, looks like it’s time to add another country to the BlackBerry Bold World Map. Zain Bahrain and RIM jointly announced today the launch of the BlackBerry Bold in the Kingdom of Bahrain today.

“The uber-sophisticated BlackBerry Bold smartphone is sure to delight Zain Bahrain customers who love to stay ahead in the tech race as well as those who value increased productivity. It delivers an amazing blend of functionality, performance, usability and design, making it an ideal choice for both business professionals and power users in Bahrain,” said Zain Bahrain’s Special Projects Manager, Bashar Alami,

I’m not sure how large our Bahrainni readership is, but they must be excited! Check out our BlackBerry Bold Review to know if you should buy it (answer: yes). You can read the full press release after the jump.

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BlackBerry Bold Bahrain Press Release

Three BlackBerrys land in Qatar


RIM continues its spread, today with another three-pronged release in Qatar. Following Ghana’s suit, Qtel is releasing the BlackBerry 8100, BlackBerry 8300 and BlackBerry 8800 to cover all the main bases, and set a good foundation for the later incremental upgrades. Qatar Airways is already lined up to deploy BlackBerrys to their roaming workforce, so Qtel’s got some good business right off the bat. As ever, Emtiac Mobile Solutions will be supporting the deployment and providing support where necessary. Thanks Stefano!

Oman Mobile launches BlackBerry service


Over the weekend Oman Mobile announced its first BlackBerrys, offering the 8100, 8700 and 8800 at launch. Emitac, RIM’s usual partner in the area, helped set up Oman Mobile with the release after bringing the 8800 to Kuwait and Uganda earlier this year. It’s interesting that the 8700 wasn’t shouldered out by the 8800; you’d think that the Curve would better round out the lineup, but having two tiers of business flavours does offer something for mass enterprise rollout as well as higher-end executive deployment.

Pay-per-user BES option in UAE


EtisalatThe United Arab Emirates carrier Etisalat has busted out a new option for small enterprises looking to get a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. For anything under 20 people, Etisalat is offering a presumably carrier-hosted pay-per-user BES, and to promote the new offer, they’re giving away the first license for free. On top of that, they’re cutting regular BES costs by 50% until the end of the year. Hey, corporate folks deserve some holiday savings too.

Etisalat releases BlackBerry 8700g with Arabic language support


Arabic BlackBerry 8700UAE carrier Etisalat recently announced a new BlackBerry 8700 featuring full-blown Arabic language support, primarily through a new keypad which enables new text input, but Arabic web browsing is also supported. Language support is huge in getting RIM access to new markets - hopefully other folks in the Middle East will be seeing this device within their borders soon enough.

Etisalat unleashes the BlackBerry 8300


EtisalatFor any of our United Arab Emiratian readers, we’ve got some news that the BlackBerry 8300 will be headed your way soon, complete with Arabic language support. Given the pace of new device releases these days, it’s impressive that Etisalat is just one short step behind the folks at the other end of the globe, like with the BlackBerry 8800, and it probably won’t take much before Etisalat starts carrying a few of the newer incremental upgrades. For anyone in the neighbourhood, the BlackBerry Curve will be discounted until Wednesday at retail outlets across the UAE.

Etisalat releases BlackBerry 8800


The announcement made not too long ago has followed through, and the BlackBerry 8800 is now available in stores across the United Arab Emirates. To kick off the 8800, Etisalat is offering their first month of service free for anyone who signs up before July 15. Not a bad deal at all. For any readers in the area, you can pick up your new BlackBerrys at Sharaf DG, CellUCom, i2, Radio Shack, Plug Ins, Alltronix, Jumbo Electronics, Telefonika, Jacky’s and Carrefour. Word has it Etisalat just moved into Egypt since last quarter and have made a million subscribers already. Maybe the Middle East is the next big emerging market…?

Etisalat breaks 14k users


UAEA little over a year after launching in the United Arab Emirates, carrier Etisalat has announced that they’ve made 14,000 BlackBerry users in the country. We’re sure their 8800 release did well, and will keep BlackBerry growth going in the area. Some seem to think that the Middle East is going to be the next emerging market - if it is, Etisalat could be a major player in the not-too-distant future.