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Mike Lazaridis and Alec Saunders Talk App World and Developer Community #BBDevCon


We’re here at BlackBerry DevCon and Mike Lazaridis as well as Alec Saunders are on stage to talk about some cool things we can expect from App World, as well as the general developer community, in the coming months. Some things to expect include a better developer portal, enterprise apps, and more outreach from RIM to the developer community. There’s a lot going on and while we’re not sure exactly when this stuff is available, it’s great to see it’s coming. More after the break.
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Mike Lazaridis Keynote: The Introduction of BBX and the Future of BlackBerry


Lazaridis took the stage to kick off DevCon with a keynote that started off talking about the growth of the platform. He talked about the increase in subscriber base, BBM users and the benefits of being a developer for the BlackBerry platform. Some of the numbers include 70 million subscribers, 25 million downloads of BBM apps (foursquare had 200,000 downloads in one day) and something like 80 million BBM users. The biggest announcement so far is the introduction of BBX, the combination of QNX and BlackBerry.
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Tip from RIM: Battery Pull Can Help to Recover Some Backlogged Messages


During the conference call about the most recent BlackBerry service outage, Mike Lazaridis mentioned that the company is working hard to restore services. After the cascading network failure, RIM is dealing with an enormous pool of data and messages in the system that they’re flushing out. During the call, Lazaridis mentioned that a battery pull could help to recover some of the backlogged messages still in the queue. So try it out now if you’re still looking for messages.
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RIM Co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, Talk About Outage


Today at 10AM EST, RIM’s Co-CEOs, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, as well as David Yach, the CTO of RIM, were on a call to talk about the recent BlackBerry outage and what happened. It’s important to note that RIM has had great track record with uptime and while this particular outage has been much more serious than any other we can remember, the real problem was the timing. After all the punishment RIM has taken in the media, this outage couldn’t have come at a worse time. More about the conference call after the jump.
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Analysts Are Pressuring RIM and Investors to Change Executive Management


Northern Securities analyst Sameet Kanade, recently wrote an open letter to RIM, asking the company to consider dropping Balsillie as a co-CEO, among other recommendations. There are other analysts who seem to be echoing this sentiment such as Charter Equity analyst Ed Snyder, who said “Jim and Mike brought the company to where it is … which is part of the biggest problem they’re facing.” He added, “They’re stuck in the past. They know what worked and keep playing that card and it’s not working any more, and they don’t seem to have any ideas.”

To remove Jim or Mike would be really difficult. At a capitalization of $23 billion, investors would have to fork over more than $1 billion to gain enough control to have any influence. Some analysts are suggesting it may happen with an activist, a person who invests in the company and attracts other like-minded investors to help gain control. One way to defend against an activist is to raise the stock value and make it more expensive to gain control of the company. In the past year, RIM has lost a quarter of its stock price, which now is very undervalued. It’s not clear if anything will satisfy the naysayers, or if they’re just out to slam RIM regardless of what it does.

Microsoft Bing on BlackBerry Offers Users More Choice But Not Enough


One of the biggest problems facing the perception of BlackBerry and its sales seems to be quality control and user experience. There are just a few user experience issues with a BlackBerry today that are crippling to the user experience. Here are the top 3 we hear:

Loading apps causes the phone to stall and you must reboot.
Rebooting the smartphone takes forever (up to 4 minutes).
Updating OS can take an hour and is fragmented by carrier.

The media and many analysts continue to erroneously claim “BlackBerry is doomed”, but fail to point out RIM has made all the right acquisitions and those major frustrations won’t be around for much longer. Take the PlayBook as a good indicator of where the platform is going. You can install an app, multitask and use the device without any issues. Rebooting the device doesn’t take long at all, and updating the OS is a breeze. The three major headaches facing BlackBerry can and will be solved. This is the right direction to go in and it seems like the Microsoft and RIM announcement is a step in the wrong direction. The announcement seems like it was made from a high executive level without any real concern for the end user. The fact of the matter is that Bing is an awful search engine and it hurts the user experience rather than improve it.
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