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MLB refines its BlackBerry experience


Back in the summer, MLB.com released a downloadable browser shortcut to their mobile site, which was nice, but generally just considered a token to the BlackBerry crowd. Well, now they’ve narrowed it down to getting shortcuts for your particular teams - just go to yankees.com, or dodgers.com or whatever your favourite team is, and you’ll be able to download the shortcut over the air from your mobile browser.

ESPN on your BlackBerry


ESPNFor those signed up to the BlackBerry Owners Lounge, you might have heard about ESPN’s offering akin to MLB’s - you can now download a link to ESPN’s mobile site to your BlackBerry, for quick access to all your sports scores. Although Viigo’s got their own ESPN channels, if sports are all you’re looking for, this would be the way to go.

Baseball on BlackBerry beats belated bereavement


Baseball fanIf you’re a baseball fan and need your scores right away, MLB just announced that they’ve got a homepage button that you can install on your BlackBerry for one-click access to MLB.com. Web browsing is a pretty simple way of getting content out there, although maybe not as flexible as, say, Viigo, but the MLB site is mobile-friendly and can give you quick access to your scores. So now when your team loses, you can be sooner disappointed with all your other comrades in fandom, rather than waiting to hear it later on the news.

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