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BlackBerry Connect coming to India


BlackBerry Connect on BPL Mobile

Indian carrier BPL is now offering BlackBerry Connect on a wide variety of handsets, including the Moto Q9h and the Nokia Communicator. BlackBerry Connect brings all of the back-end goodness like push email, data security and personal information syncing of BlackBerry to other platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile. Clearly BlackBerry services are picking up at a decent clip again since that security mess awhile back, and I think we’re all pretty glad to see it.

(via EFYTimes)

Nokia still rocks the mobile browser roost


International mobile browser share

The latest report from mobile advertising agency AdMob ran through some numbers based on the four billion ads they’ve served up. As you can see, Nokia remains top dog in mobile browsing activity, capturing a solid 34% of the global share thanks primarily to heavy adoption in Africa and Asia, followed up closely by Openwave (AKA WAP) at 29%. BlackBerry took a sad little 3% slice of the pie, right along side Motorola, Palm’s and Apple’s browsers. The BlackBerry 8300 and BlackBerry 8100 are still on the American Top Ten handsets list, though the top four spots are taken by Motorola. Even internationally, the Pearl does alright, getting 9th. place. In terms of geography, Indonesia has seen about ten times more traffic than last year, and Asia on the whole has seen a significant increase in activity.

(AdMob via Electronista)

RIM captures 10% slice of American market pie


Strategy Analytics (hey, we know those guys!) recently published a report saying RIM has captured a solid 10% of American cellular sales in the last quarter. A total of 41.9 million handsets were shipped, which is up 5.3 percent from last year, making it an expanding market that’s getting harder to fill. Motorola still maintains lead position, with LG, Nokia and Samsung hot on their heels. Those are a lot of competitors to chew through, but RIM’s continued upward trend could earn them an even bigger slice of the pie over time, especially if Motorola’s new boss can’t turn things around and Nokia fails to provide a solid alternative to BlackBerry Connect. LG remains the number two dog right now, and with the likes of the Keybo floating around, it’s easy to see them as a potential BlackBerry competitor.

(via Reuters)

Australia gets BlackBerry Connect for Moto Q9h


If there are any Windows Mobile lovers out there outside of that one cricket in the corner, you’ll be happy to hear that BlackBerry Connect will be supporting the Motorola Q9h in Asia-Pacific. The Windows Mobile 6 device has enjoyed BlackBerry services abroad since December, but clearly there were some localization issues to iron out. With BlackBerry Connect, WinMo users can get their push e-mail fix, and access a lot of the standard BlackBerry features - it even plugs into the BES and has all the usual IT policies and security standards in place. Interested? Head on over to the Motorola BlackBerry Connect site for your download.

Vettro teams up for underground asset tracking


Vettro, the developer of asset-tracking software, has recently teamed up with IRTH, to bring underground GPS tracking to BlackBerry and Motorola mobiles. Vettro’s 360 platform includes an electronic white lining technology which has yielded some impressive results.

Based on a recently published company report, the use of the GPS-based mobile white lining functionality alone reduced the average notification area for locate requests by over 89.42% and eliminated over 8% of outbound locate tickets. The report conservatively estimates a potential cost savings of over $120 million nationally in the damage prevention process through use of the mobile application.

By working tightly with IRTH’s One Call system, this new deal will help underground workers quickly find out if it’s safe to dig without busting up gas and electric lines.

RIMM target price lowered


SadRIM’s stock has been taking a bit of a dip lately due to worries of a recession in the US, causing Canaccord Adams to drop their target price from $145 to $110 and downgrading the stock to “hold” status. The stock saw a pretty nice jump after the last quarterly results, and cruised over $100 for awhile, but is cooling off at around $93 right now. RIM was far from alone, as Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Apple all saw declines recently as well.

Motorola Q 9h gets BlackBerry Connect


One more device has joined the ranks of BlackBerry emulation: AT&T’s Motorola Q9h. What do you have to gain from signing up to BlackBerry Connect? Well, you’ve got three plans available.

*PDA Enterprise Unlimited for BlackBerry Connect - allows unlimited corporate (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) and personal (BlackBerry Internet Service) email plus web browsing and other data usage
*PDA Enterprise Unlimited for BlackBerry Connect + Tethering - allows the above services, plus using the device as a modem for your laptop
*PDA Enterprise Unlimited for BlackBerry Connect + Tethering + Cellular Video - allows the above services, plus Cellular Video service on your device

We’ll try not to judge you for leaving the BlackBerry while still clinging to the services, but no guarantees.

BlackBerry rocks USB data transfer competition


First placeRonen spotted a fairly technical review of data transfer rates between the BlackBerry 8120, the 4GB iPhone, the Sony Ericsson W910i, and the RAZR2. The times to transfer 4 GB of data from desktop to phone were 23 minutes for the iPhone, 5-6 minutes for the BlackBerry, 15 minutes on the W910i and 19 minutes on the RAZR2. So, why did BlackBerry rock the kazbah?

“The device behind the BlackBerry’s fast transfer rates is the Cypress CYWB0124AB west bridge peripheral controller. West bridge products directly connect peripherals, creating fast transfer tunnels without loading the main processor. Instead of routing files from the computer through the phone processor to the storage device, the west bridge sets up a tunnel running from the computer directly to the storage device.”

RIM beats out Palm, Samsung and Motorola in customer satisfaction


While the BlackBerry might still need some work against the iPhone, it’s still kicking tail against other smartphone manufacturers when it comes to keeping enterprise buyers happy. J.D. Power and Associates used a rating system which examined a smartphone’s ease of use, operating system, form factor, audio, battery and utilities, in order of weight. Palm and Samsung tied for second place, with Motorola behind the industry average. Outside of that, the survey also touched on some other trends among smartphone users, such as the 40% who wants GPS versus the mere 26% who want Wi-Fi. The top features folks are looking for in a smartphone are “personal information manager (PIM) functionality (50%), Internet capability (48%), Bluetooth capabilities (46%), general ease of use (44%) and overall design/style (44%).” Funniest thing is that games topped enterprise users’ choice for third-party software - all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, huh?

Report: BlackBerry strong in face of iPhone


We’ve heard it all before, but now analysts are backing up Balsillie’s big talk about the iPhone not being competition. A recent report from the NDP Group aimed at guaging Apple’s success in the mobile market has come to the conclusion that while the Treo and Sidekick suffered some converts as a result of the iPhone, the lack of enterprise e-mail kept BlackBerry users from switching. While encouraging, is that the only thing stopping the iPhone from putting a dent in RIM’s armour? Let’s say hypothetically that the iPhone gets Exchange server support - will that be enough to turn the tide? As far as carriers go, T-Mobile and Alltel lost plenty of subscribers to AT&T; the subscribers for both were three times more likely to have switched over for an iPhone.