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OS 4.5 for BlackBerry 8330 and BlackBerry 8130 now available


BlackBerry logoCDMA users have had a fun time trying to get their hands on the latest BlackBerry software, but now they won’t have to resort to Rapidshare to get the new OS. The Canadian carrier MTS Mobility has OS 4.5 available for public download from RIM’s site. If you’re looking to try it out, just grab the file, install, make sure you have the latest Desktop Manager, and plug in your BlackBerry via miniUSB when it’s open. Don’t worry that it’s from another carrier, you should be fine after deleting the vendor.xml file on your computer. OS 4.5 features rich text e-mail viewing on supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Servers, among other goodies like a variety of attachment download capabilities and free/busy calendar lookup. Folks packing the BlackBerry 8830 World Edition might still be out of luck, although there are torrents out there for unreleased versions of the software. CDMA subscribers can head on over to RIM’s site to get upgrading their Pearls and Curves.

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Chunk of Canadian spectrum set aside for the underdog


TowerWe bitch and moan a fair bit around here about Canadian wireless rates, which is why we were excited by the news that 40 mhz of the upcoming spectrum auction will be reserved for parties other than Bell, Rogers, and Telus. Industry Canada stepped in to impose this and promote more competition and curb the wireless oligopoly that’s in place right now. On top of opening the doors for smaller carriers to get a piece of the pie, international companies can also take the opportunity to partner up with Canadian companies for usage of the new spectrum, which means more investment opportunities for those little carriers like Videotron, Shaw, Quebecor and MTS. Hopefully the new kids on the block will help drive down rates, but we’ll have to wait until after the auction to find out.

BlackBerry coming to Russia in Q1 2008


Soviet RussiaComing shortly behind Ukraine’s release, RIM is set to launch its products in Russia. Security concerns from the KGB’s successor, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, effectively stalled earlier deployment, but a compromise has been reached to everyone’s satisfaction. The FSB wanted the encryption codes that RIM uses for its communications, so it’s a little iffy on where they found middle ground. It’s only a little over a thousand BlackBerry 8700s crossing the border, and there’s only a year-long allowance for the devices, so any Russkies looking to get in on the action will have to be quick to act. Check out your closest MTS or Vimpelkom outlet sometime in the first quarter of 2008.

BlackBerrys land in Ukraine and Mumbai


RIM announced that BlackBerry is coming to Ukraine today through MTS’ launch of the BlackBerry 8700g, with the help of Alcatel-Lucent. While the rest of us might be in the process of upgrading to some of the new stuff hitting shelves, a ton of people still pack the 8700 and is an indisputably trusty device. A little further south in Mumbai, RIM announced BPL Mobile’s first BlackBerry, the BlackBerry 8300. The 8800 has already been there for awhile, so the Curve is a clear next step.

Kuwait gets BlackBerry 8800


Sick of flags yet? With the help of Emitac Mobile Solutions, who have been working with Jordan carrier Fastlink for awhile now, will be working with Mobile TeleSystems subsidiary Celtel to bring the BlackBerry 8800 to Kuwait. EMS will be using something called the BlackBerry Launch Programme to help MTS get rolling with sales. If Celtel ever ends up carrying the 8700, they might want to look into selling Otterboxes if customers are gonna be taking those things into the oil fields.