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Web Signals Push News Now Available


Our boy Ronen from BerryReview noticed today that RIM has already put into motion the third party web signals push service announced this week at BBDC on mobile.blackberry.com. Here’s a list of the first six news/information offerings available:

NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier - Learn about news & analysis as it happens with NYTimes.com Bits Blog Notifier. With news & analysis on the tech industry through the day from NY Times writers & freelancers.
Accuweather.com- Get free constantly updated forecasts pushed to your BlackBerry smartphone. View radar, 10-day & hourly forecasts & severe weather alerts.
Reuters News Web Signals - Get breaking news with Reuters Web Signals on your BlackBerry smartphone. As news breaks, the Reuters icon changes & sends you to the story.
FOX News Alert - Be the first to know when news breaks. Download FOX News Alert & get instant alerts to breaking news directly on your BlackBerry Smartphone.
CBC - Receive the day’s top headlines and breaking news with the innovative CBC web signal for BlackBerry smartphones
Thumbplay Web Signal - Get content releases from Thumbplay. The Thumbplay icon sends you to BlackBerry compatible content like music, ringtones, games, videos & more.

Head to mobile.blackberry.com on your BlackBerry Browser to download your web signals service of choice.

(via BerryReview)

Shoutout for crossword beta testers


Those fine folks at Magmic Games are working on a mobile crossword game for the New York Times and need some testers to make sure 5 across and 23 down actually work out. Just shoot an email to nytxbeta@magmic.com, with the subject line “Application”. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, BlackBerry model number, location, and crossword experience. Although they didn’t mention it, I’m sure you could squeeze ‘em for a free game or two for participating.

iPhone 3G Round-Up: Rogers Caves on Pricing, Unboxing Shots, Launch Promotions and Reviews


Steve Jobs holding the iPhone 3G

We’re now t-minus two days and counting from Apple’s worldwide iPhone 3G launch, but from the amount of information swirling around the Internet today, you’d think that Jesus Phone 2 was already available. Here’s a round-up of all the iPhone info you need to know:

Rogers Caves on iPhone Data Pricing (Almost): In response to the huge outcry over a lack of an unlimited data plan, Rogers is launching a promotional offer of 6GB for $30, which can be added to any voice plan. The promo will be available for iPhone buyers who activate with a three year contract before August 31.

*Update* This offer will also be made available for 3G BlackBerry users, i.e. for the BlackBerry Bold!
(via Engadget)

Rogers Stores To Open Early on Friday: A handful of Rogers Plus stores across Ottawa will open their doors at 8:00 a.m. (all times local) on Friday, for advanced purchases of the iPhone 3G (see link for list). Breakfast will also be served for people while they wait.
(via Newswire)

iPhone 3G Unboxing Shots: For all those looking to satisfy their unboxing pic fetish, Boy Genius has the goods, with a full iPhone 3G unboxing gallery.
(via Boy Genius Report)

First iPhone 3G reviews after the jump!

New York Times questions RIM’s ability to fend off Apple


It’s a nice sunny Sunday here in Ottawa, which means I’m on a park bench, sipping a chai latte and reading the New York Times via some Grand Theft Wi-Fi. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Times has joined the legion of people questioning whether RIM is in danger of hemorrhaging market share to the company that Steve Jobs built.

It’s a fairly well-written piece that addresses many of the issues surrounding RIM today: can Apple lure IT Admins away from the security of BlackBerry? Will RIM ever be able to create a device that puts the iPhone’s OS and applications to shame? What role will Google and Android play? Will RIM’s close ties with carriers be an advantage or their undoing? However, I feel the most important element to the article is the change in tone of RIM honchos regarding the upcoming battle for smartphone supremacy. Consider this quote from Jim Balsillie:

“There’s no question the level of focus and intensity on wireless platforms has gone up an order of magnitude,” says Jim Balsillie, R.I.M.’s wiry, jargon-slinging co-chief executive and strategic brain. “The stakes are so very high, not only in the size of the market and market share, but in who has the important position in the ecosystem.”

That’s a far cry from the platitudes spoken by the Jim-Dog when the iPhone was first announced. We’re glad to hear it. Game on, RIM.

(image via the New York Times)