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Siri Shows Where BlackBerry’s Voice-Powered Search Went Wrong


With the unveiling of the iPhone 4S, consumers were given a look at Siri - the personal assistant app that comes with the device. It looks like the technology is powered by Nuance, which RIM also licenses for its voice-powered universal search. It seems both run on Nuance technology and the difference is the implementation. It’s not a stretch for RIM to update the voice-powered universal search in a way that’s even better than Siri.
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Nuance Launch Free Speech Dictation App Dragon for Email


Nuance’s Dragon dictation software is now available free in App World. Dragon for Email allows users to speak emails, regardless of whether they’re creating, replying or forwarding a message. Dragon for Email is integrated directly into your BlackBerry email, allowing you to switch between voice and text input interchangeably at any time to enter the contact name, subject line, or full message body.

This is a pretty awesome feature that doesn’t normally come free on BlackBerry. Most dictation software will cost you around $10, and Dragon for Email is only free for a limited time. Dragon for Email is now available for the BlackBerry Tour, Storm and Storm2 on Verizon; the Bold and Curve series on AT&T; and, the Curve and the BlackBerry Bold on T-Mobile.

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WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Nuance


Nuance recently announced a future update to their speech recognition software, Voice Control, which will add French support to the search/instant messaging app. Another app called Narrator, which reads emails aloud if your hands are busy, recently won Best Evolution Application from Handango. Hopefully we’ll get to see some more language support or a new product at WES this year.

Rogers to launch French voice-activated search


Nuance has announced that their voice-based search and instant messaging service, Voice Control, will be extending language support for French Rogers customers. Rogers has been pretty good about language support in Canada, so it’s good to see they’re keeping up. Look out for the updated software in April, available on the 8310, 8110, 8800 and Windows Mobile devices.

Handango’s 2007 Champion Award winners


HandangoHandango’s published their annual Champion Award winners, cut up by device. Without further ado, here’s Handango’s BlackBerry picks.

Best Evolution Application - Narrator by Nuance Communications, Inc.
Best Entertainment Application - Monopoly Tycoon 2007 by Bplay/Hands-on Mobile
Best Industry Application - RepliGo Professional by Cerience Corporation
Best Life Management Application - Journal Bar by Omega One Software, LLC.
Developer of the Year - SHAPE Services GmbH
Rookie of the Year - IntelliGolf, Inc.

If you’re interested in hearing how other handhelds fared, you can check them out over here.

Nuance plays matchmaker to voice and GPS


Just in time for the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310, Nuance has launched a voice-activated navigation program dubbed Nuance Voice Control. Outside of directions, the software will also allow you to dictate e-mails, along with a whole slew of voice-based searches, including localized 411 business searches, weather, news, the whole shebang. For six bucks a month, that doesn’t sound too shabby.

“Combining speech recognition with GPS functionality allows easy access to feature-rich location-based capabilities using simple voice commands,” said Michael Thompson, vice president and general manager, mobile search and communications, Nuance. “With Nuance Voice Control, it’s easier than ever to conduct 411 searches on mobile devices, with the added benefit of location relevance. Nuance Voice Control also brings mobile navigation to a new level of convenience. With voice-enabled driving directions, users simply push one button and speak a destination point to the NVC application. Directions from their present position are then displayed on the handset’s screen. All it takes is one click.”

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