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The BlackBerry 9700 is the BlackBerry Onyx?


Today, you may have noticed that we put up a story saying the BlackBerry 9700 is the BlackBerry Onyx. We posted saying that the specs released on BGR of the BlackBerry 9700, were actually the specs for the Onyx, known as the 9020.

We had some internal arguments here at BlackBerry Cool as to what was going on with the BlackBerry naming system. Everyone has seen the screenshots of the 9020, and it was throwing us off. The post was pulled and we’ve come to a consensus about what is going on.

BlackBerry Cool is guessing that CrackBerry is using an outdated device number and the 9700 is just the BlackBerry Onyx, formerly known as the 9020. Here are our arguments:

  • RIM has a history of changing device numbers before release. This is nothing new.
  • The specs of the 9700 are the same as the “9020″
  • Also, we’ve been getting a lot of emails from tipsters saying so. Here is a quote from one source: “I have seen, touched, and used the Onyx and in the About screen it says 9700. It looks like the 9020 screenshots that are going around and it has a Bold-like back.”

Let’s wait for the release and see if BlackBerry Cool is right. It’s possible that the 9700 could be a device with the same specs as the 9020 with a slider or a touchscreen, but the truth is always much simpler.

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