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OpenGL Updated to Version 4.1 with More Features for Developers

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The Khronos Group has announced the release of the OpenGL 4.1 specification. The OpenGL standard allows developers to create rich 2D and 3D graphics that makes BlackBerry games look especially good. There aren’t many devices that can take advantage of the OpenGL standards, but we hear that all CDMA devices running 5.0 and greater will be able to take advantage. Also, BlackBerry 6 includes a wide variety of APIs in order for developers to take advantage of OpenGL.

New functionality in the core OpenGL 4.1 specification includes:

  • Full compatibility with OpenGL ES 2.0 APIs for easier porting between mobile and desktop platforms;
  • The ability to query and load a binary for shader program objects to save re-compilation time;
  • The capability to bind programs individually to programmable stages for programming flexibility;
  • 64-bit floating-point component vertex shader inputs for higher geometric precision;
  • Multiple viewports for a rendering surface for increased rendering flexibility.

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PBA Bowling 2 with Open GL 3D graphics available for the Storm2

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Back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, the guys at Concrete Software gave us a preview of their latest game PBA Bowling 2, which uses Open GL 3D graphics for a new visual experience in BlackBerry gaming.

With PBA Bowling 2, you can choose to play a single game, a tournament, or the spare challenge – progressing through the games unlock special bowling ball textures and patterns. The game features internationally recognized players and locations, such as Las Vegas, Tokyo, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Reno.

PBA Bowling 2 is available for the BlackBerry Storm2 and it’s currently on sale for 40% off. Click through for more information.

All Concrete Software is 40% off so be sure to see what else you might like.

BlackBerry Curve 8530 and more to support OpenGL

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The BlackBerry Curve 8530, which has been announced from Sprint, will come with OpenGL support. This is going to be huge for the device as it will bring some really slick applications which compelling UIs and 3D graphics.

The news comes as we recently got clarification from RIM that CDMA devices with OS 5 and the latest Qualcomm chipsets, will all ship with OpenGL support.

So not only will you be able to get the 8530 in Black, Royal Purple and Red, but it looks like you will also be able to get some awesome games like Super Monkey Ball (not confirmed).

What games to expect for the Storm2 with OpenGL

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YouTube video from IntoMobile

So far at the BlackBerry Developer Conference we have seen 3 games for the BlackBerry Storm2 using OpenGL. The first, Need for Speed Sprint by EA, was by far the most impressive. The game uses 10 years and millions of dollars behind EA’s 3D mobile graphics engine and it looks amazing on the Storm2. The others are by Concrete and Sega. Concrete is releasing PBA Bowling for the Storm2 and they have leveraged OpenGL to provide a slick-looking 3D bowling experience. Lastly, Sega gave a quick preview of Super Monkey Ball, which wasn’t demoed on the Storm2, but we were told to expect it.

So what other rich 3D games and content can we expect from the Storm2? Currently, there isn’t much but everything we’re seeing here at Dev Con is telling us that early to mid 2010 is when we can expect to see development take off. The problem lies in that having only one device with OpenGL support may not be enough to convince smaller developers to make great games that use these new features. It’s really easy for a huge company such as EA to make a 3D OpenGL game for the Storm2, regardless of whether the revenue will justify it.

Smaller companies like IUGO, that make incredible iPhone games, aren’t taking advantage of OpenGL for the Storm2, because it’s hard to justify the development costs. The new tools that RIM have announced at the BlackBerry Developer Conference are going to generally help development, but in the end we need more devices supporting OpenGL to make it worth it.

If you’re a Storm2 user and you’re looking for more games that use the features of the device, some larger companies such as EA will be around to satisfy your immediate needs, but early to mid 2010 is when this device is going to get really good.

RIM announce OpenGL support and a host of rich content features

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The BlackBerry Developer Conference has kicked off with a great start as RIM have announced a host of great features for developers that are going to help them make richer and more attractive content.

The first major announcement is the addition of OpenGL ES support that will help developers make 3D games and graphics. The high performance rendering engine is available on the Storm2, and it makes games like EA’s Need for Speed Shift, look really impressive.

Another announcement is a GUI builder, integrated into the BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse. The builder will make it faster and easier for Java developers to build user interfaces for BlackBerry applications.

The next big announcement is the BlackBerry Theme Studio 5 that replaces the previously available Plazmic Content Developer’s Kit. The studio allows developers to make themes with the ability to import Adobe Photoshop files to BlackBerry Theme Builder, add ringtones and build screen transitions such as zooming, sliding, wiping and fading within themes. Ringtones and screen transitions are supported for BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry OS 5.0 and higher.

So stay tuned because we’re about to see some very compelling applications for BlackBerry that have rich 3D graphics and more integration with the device.

BlackBerry user poll: what iPhone apps would you like for BlackBerry?

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storm and iphone

The developer community around the iPhone is fairly different from that of the BlackBerry developer community in that iPhone developers have OpenGL at their disposal, allowing them to create visually rich applications, as well as as the marketplace and demographics are slightly different. While the BlackBerry Storm is capable of running OpenGL hardware-wise, we have yet to see the API’s unlocked.

Lets assume for a moment, and this might be a crazy assumption, that BlackBerry had OpenGL API’s (possibly with the Storm 2?), and that any iPhone app you see could be ported to BlackBerry. For this to be true, we would also need to see device memory increase, as well as perhaps a built-in compass.

With those assumptions, and there may be a few more, what applications have you seen for iPhone, that you would like for BlackBerry? Or rather, what are your favorite iPhone apps that aren’t available for BlackBerry?

Here are some that I would like to see, and they’re mostly for entertainment. I’m sure there are a ton of apps out there in various categories so share what you find.
Click through for a list of 10 cool iPhone apps that aren’t available for BlackBerry

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