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BlackBerry 6 Response Times on the Bold 9700 vs the Torch 9800


Have you loaded BlackBerry 6 on your Bold 9700? Even the leaked version that hit the Internet recently is more responsive than the Torch 9800. I’ve loaded the latest version of BlackBerry 6 on each device and even though the Torch 9800 has more icons on the screen, the Bold 9700 is definitely more responsive. Hopefully the Torch will get faster with a few more updates because the lag time on the device is a little frustrating. Other than that, the Torch is arguably the best BlackBerry to date.

The official Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS impressions



The new BlackBerry Storm OS has made some long awaited improvements. RIM and Verizon Wireless have done a good job of meeting many consumer demands. Although the update has been leaked for some time, it is now official and fully tested. You will now find your BlackBerry to be faster, more responsive and the camera has a neat update.

The new selection tool that we found in OS is still around and makes the copy and paste system much easier. When selecting text, you get a little box that can be slid either way to adjust your selection. Before this update, it was very difficult to select text because it was hidden beneath your fingers. Now you can select text accurately.
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BlackBerry OS updates roundup - leaked, official and sketchy


Today the Internet was inundated with a ton of BlackBerry OS updates. I’ve taken the time to compile them all in one easy to read location so you don’t have to go around searching for yourself.

Here are some unofficial BlackBerry updates. Download them at your own risk and don’t install unless you’re familiar with the uninstall process.

BlackBerry 8100 OS
BlackBerry 8110 OS
BlackBerry 8120 OS
BlackBerry 8300 OS
BlackBerry 8310 OS
BlackBerry 8320 OS
BlackBerry 8800 OS
BlackBerry 8820 OS

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 OS

BlackBerry Curve 8900 OS

BlackBerry Storm OS

Here are some official BlackBerry OS updates from TELUS. Feel free to use these safe updates.

BlackBerry 8830 OS
BlackBerry 8330 OS

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Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS now available


Verizon BB Storm

The latest OS update for the BlackBerry Storm, OS, will be ready for official download Sunday, May 31st, from 3PM EST. Verizon will also be rolling this update out to customers through an OTA download beginning Sunday night (10pm Eastern Time). To get the download OTA, go to Options>Advanced Options>Wireless Updates.

Download the Verizon BlackBerry Storm OS from BlackBerry.com.
Click through to read the change logs for this latest update

Upgrading your BlackBerry OS from your phone (ASK JOE)


“I own the 8310 model BlackBerry… I received an email about upgrading my system from 4.2 to 4.5… Is there a way I can do that from my phone itself?”

The simple answer is, Hopefully in the future! Within the newer OS’s (4.5 and above) there is a wireless update item under Options, but this particular feature has yet to be enabled by any carrier. RIM has implemented the ability but it hasn’t been taken advantage of yet. The only option available right now is to update using you cable and supported OS download. But good things are in store for the future option of updating your Blackberry wirelessly.

Thanks for the question Cast TROY.

(Remember, these answers are part of my Ask BlackBerry Joe column. If you have a BlackBerry question, leave it for me in the comments and I’ll be sure to answer it.)

BlackBerry Curve 8350i OS officially available


Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Great news for recent BlackBerry Curve 8350i users having problems enjoying some iDEN PTT goodness. Sprint has officially released OS for the Curve 8350i, which should fix many known issues (minus the ‘echo effect’ issue, which I’m told will be taken care of in a future release). To download the OS update, hit the either the Sprint or direct BlackBerry link below. To figure out what to do after that, read our OS upgrade how-to (Telus 8350i users may find this particularly interesting, as it contains instructions on how to use an OS build other than your carriers for upgrade goodness).

Direct BlackBerry.com OS Download
Sprint OS Download