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5 Things I Won’t Miss About the Old BlackBerry OS


Even though we’re a couple of years away from an actual legacy BlackBerry OS post-mortem, here are a few things that I won’t be missing about the mobile OS that defined smartphones. Unless you’ve been under-utilizing your device, you’ve probably acquired many of the same BlackBerry pet peeves as I have. Although it may seem that I’ve put together a BlackBerry shit list, It’s all stuff I’m glad the new platform won’t be inheriting because of good design.

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BlackBerry Playbook OS Updated to Version 2.0.1


Playbook owners were greeted with a small update today, bringing the current BlackBerry Playbook OS to v2.0.1.358. The free update can be downloaded over-the-air by either clicking on the update notification or going to settings then update software.

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More Details on the BlackBerry Innovation Forum


We were asked by a reader to provide more details on the BlackBerry Innovation Forum and what it was all about. The forum was a chance for Enterprise and Government customers to come together and hear about some of the innovation happening at RIM - specifically on the PlayBook side. The event featured a PlayBook Roadmap session, more on BlackBerry Balance and a general Q&A.
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Carbyn Demos an HTML5-Based OS on the PlayBook and iPad


An HTML5-based OS is a pretty cool idea when you consider that the browser is the ultimate-cross platform app. Carbyn’s HTML5 OS comes complete with an App Store that allows anyone with an HTML5 app to deploy to the Carbyn OS store. Hit the jump for more details.
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BlackBerry 6 Response Times on the Bold 9700 vs the Torch 9800


Have you loaded BlackBerry 6 on your Bold 9700? Even the leaked version that hit the Internet recently is more responsive than the Torch 9800. I’ve loaded the latest version of BlackBerry 6 on each device and even though the Torch 9800 has more icons on the screen, the Bold 9700 is definitely more responsive. Hopefully the Torch will get faster with a few more updates because the lag time on the device is a little frustrating. Other than that, the Torch is arguably the best BlackBerry to date.

Sweet! BlackBerry 6 Leaked for the Bold 9700


bold 9700 running blackberry 6

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is expected to go official with BlackBerry 6 but for those of you who can’t wait for it to get out of carrier approval, a leaked copy of has found its way online. BlackBerry 6 is a huge improvement over OS 5 and almost every 9700 user is going to appreciate this upgrade. It’s too bad more devices didn’t see a BlackBerry 6 upgrade, but by the time most users are on 6, we’ll probably be seeing OS 7 (the QNX version?). Here are the links you’ll need:

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