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Bitcoin ATM Debuts in Ottawa at Clocktower Brew Pub in Byward Market


BlackBerryCool author and BiT Capital representative, Kyle Kemper.

Now, the virtual medium of exchange is making a real-world appearance in the ByWard Market with the help of an Ottawa startup, marking the beginning of what could be a burgeoning Bitcoin market in the nation’s capital.

Last week, the city’s first Bitcoin ATM, or “BTM,” was unveiled at the Clocktower Brew Pub. The machine is manufactured by Ottawa-based Bit Access – a startup working out of Invest Ottawa’s offices on Aberdeen Street – and allows users to use traditional currency to buy the digital dollars.

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QNX and Other Ottawa Technology Companies Making Headlines at CES 2014


Piper by Blacksumac

Ottawa’s technology companies are driving some of the most important headlines at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this year. Both large companies and small startups from Ottawa are disrupting industries and challenging incumbents from around the world. Here is a look at some of those companies that are putting Ottawa on the map at the world’s largest consumer technology conference.

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How The Ottawa Hospital Deployed 4,000 iPads And Became A World Leader in Mobility


Recently, CapCHI, an Ottawa-based technology meetup group, hosted a lecture at Algonquin College with Dr. Glen Geiger on Workflow Efficiency at The Ottawa Hospital. The event was during World Usability Day 2013, and featured a fascinating lecture on how the Ottawa Hospital deployed a major iPad pilot program and became a world leader in mobility.

First and foremost, some people may be wondering, why would the Ottawa Hospital need a mobility solution? The hospital environment has nursing stations, computers on wheels, embedded computers everywhere and thousands of computers throughout the hospital campus. So why would a hospital need a mobility solution? The entire pilot program of giving nurses iPads seems like giving them “toys”, and this is how it was perceived by almost every other hospital around the world.

Check out the full article on Macgasm.net.

BlackBerry Wins “Most Usable Mobile Platform on the Market” Debate



Okay, BlackBerry didn’t really win. I just took the credit for all their hard work and won a local debate. The crowd voted by applause at CapCHI Ottawa recently, in a debate about the most usable OS. The debate statement, “Be it Resolved That [My Chosen Mobile Platform] is the Most Usable Mobile Platform on the Market” was presented with 4 local debaters all representing their respective OS. Here is the presentation slide by slide that won the debate for BlackBerry.
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YOUi Labs Creates iOS App and Ports to BlackBerry 10 Same Day and Same Code


YOUi Labs is a company that specializes in user interface design and the company has recently put together a demo of an app that they built for iOS and ported over to BlackBerry 10 in a single day, with the same code base. The UI Engine is a cool little demo that shows off some unique swipe motions and it would be cool to see in other apps.
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Solve Touchscreen Maze Puzzles on BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook with NeverMaze


Krungie Factor has released its first mobile game, NeverMaze, for BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The game allows players to solve simple and complex maze puzzles using the touchscreen. It’s a great game for kids or adults who want to feel nostalgic about the days when you used to solve mazes with crayons.
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