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Saxon files lawsuit against RIM for alleged patent infringement


The famous line here is “if you can’t innovate, litigate.” Saxon, a tiny company of only 5 employees, bought a series of patents back in 2007 from AMD. These patents are the grounds for their current lawsuit against RIM and a host of other device manufacturers. The company is trying to shut down US imports until they are compensated for the alleged breach of patents.

According to InfoWorld these patents are:

* A keypad monitor patent was granted in August 1993
* Interrupt marks patent was granted in June 1996
* Mailbox patent was granted in March 1997


Wi-LAN and RIM settle patent dispute


You might remember Ottawa-based Wi-LAN recently putting the legal screws to RIM over some CDMA and Wi-Fi patents in late June. Well, the dispute has mysteriously drawn to a close, but considering Wi-LAN is saying their financial results will be better this year because of the case’s turnout, it’s probably safe to say RIM settled with them and licensed the patents. Can’t win ‘em all, eh? When we first reported on the issue, a lot of people defended the company when called a “patent troll“. GeorgeD made a very good point…

The fact of the matter is that patent violations are part of the cost of doing business, only the big companies have largely gotten used to ignoring those who can’t afford to take them on, or otherwise buying them outright.

What do you guys think - do folks in the patent business get an unfairly bad rap around these parts? What differentiates a “patent troll” from more legitimate patent work?

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RIM sued alongside Apple and Palm


GavelWiAV Solutions has recently unloaded both barrels of legal action on RIM, Apple and Palm regarding what’s called Adaptive Multi-Rate compression, a GSM voice compression technology. AMR is used to detect silence rather than sound, altering music to accommodate voice, and power management. Up to ten patents are supposedly being infringed upon, but AMR was included in the GSM standard back in ‘98, so you have to wonder how it will all end up. WiAV only actually owns two of the offending patents, while they’re dragging their liscensor, Mindspeed, into the case to defend the rest of the technologies. On the whole, it sounds like this is a shaky case already, and probably won’t get too far. If you’re fluent in legalese, you can take a look at some of the court papers here.

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Visto bites back in patent battle


Although Visto has coughed up the dough to RIM for some patent infringement already, the U.S. Patent Office has validated a whooping 21 patent claims prior to the next round of legalities. RIM had countersued Visto after some initial litigations, which are set to resume following RIM’s win earlier this summer. The patents in question surround e-mail synchronization between handsets and local servers - clearly something Visto has a stake in, and obviously a technology vital to the continued operation of BlackBerrys. Looks like Visto’s down but far from out…

Wi-LAN sues RIM over tranceiver patents


GavelOttawa-based company Wi-LAN just opened up a can of legal whoop-ass, dishing out healthy servings to not only RIM but Motorola and UTStarcom. Wi-LAN has patents relating to both CDMA and Wi-Fi, and the ones they’re claiming infringement on are “MultiCode Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum” and “Method and apparatus for multiple access between transceivers in wireless communications using OFDM spread spectrum“. Bit of a mouthful, eh? The two both deal with transcievers and how they decode information, which goes to show how RIM, Motorola and any other manufacturers make for juicy targets for Wi-LAN. As if these guys actually have a “Litigation Update” widget on their site…

RIM launches preemptive legal strike against IP Com


Phoenix Wright RIM\'s Ace Attorney

Looking to keep its legal winning streak alive, RIM filed a preemptive suit yesterday against German patent troll IP Com, asking a Texas federal court to declare that RIM hasn’t infringed on three IP Com patents. RIM has also asked the court to issue an injunction preventing IP Com from using the patents to sue RIM for infringement.

Not to be outdone, IP Com has countersued RIM in Germany, and IP Com managing director, Cristoph Schoeller, had this to say:

IP Com had been negotiating a license agreement with RIM when RIM filed its lawsuit, Schoeller said. “We thought we were in negotiations,” he said, adding that he believes RIM may be trying to intimidate IP Com.

Good. You’re a patent troll: you make money solely by suing other companies for patents you hold. You deserve everything you get.

RIM wins another court battle, owns Visto on both sides of the Atlantic


Mere months after their victory over Visto in the United Kingdom, RIM has laid the legal smack down on the company once again. The Globe and Mail is reporting that Visto has agreed to pay damages to RIM after a Federal Court judge found that the company infringed on three of RIM’s patents. For those keeping score at home, this means the end of a suit that dates all the way back to the summer of 2006. Yeesh.

Both sides have yet to work out the damages Visto will have to pay, but RIM must be happy with the moral victory. Jack McCoy strikes again!

RIM’s patent lawyers charge too much


CashmoneyAfter winding down from the UK win against Visto, a High Court judge has deemed the £5.18m bill from RIM’s lawyers far too high. “For these sums of money, one would be entitled to expect each of them to be able to recite all the documents in the case by heart,” said Justice Floyd. Allen & Overy handled the case, rebuking “The reality is that the legal costs were a tiny fraction of the value of RIM’s business, which was put at risk through this litigation. A&O’s efforts also benefited RIM and the industry by removing Visto’s ability to pursue disproportionate financial gain from the patent.” This actually worked out in Visto’s favour, as they were ordered to pay two thirds of RIM’s reduced legal costs, which totalled £1.6m.

TCS and RIM reach legal stalemate


GavelTeleCommunication Systems filed a patent lawsuit against RIM back in December over the use of some e-mail technologies, but so far proceedings are going nowhere. As a result, they’re calling it quits for now while both parties reassess their strategies. Round 2 should get going around June 12th., after which point we’ll see if TCS actually has a leg to stand on.

RIM’s patent for multi-band antennae


While there were 27 others vying for the patent, RIM’s patent filing for “Multiple-band antenna with patch and slot structures” has gone public. Nevermind the patch and slot structures - that’s pretty much just how it connects to a BlackBerry’s wiring and casing. It seems like this is the kind of technology that goes into dual-band devices such as the 8830 World Edition, letting you coast on both CDMA and GSM networks, but the patent also includes some tuning technology that facilitates frequency change. Might it be possible to get that second antenna running on an open access network…?