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BeamReader for BlackBerry launches


Our friends at SLG Mobile (formerly BeamBerry Solutions) just pinged us that BeamReader, a huge favorite at the BlackBerry Cool 15 - and winner of an offer sheet from the BlackBerry Partners Fund - has left beta and is now officially available. BeamReader is a full fidelity native PDF viewing application for BlackBerry, meaning that all document rendering occurs on the BlackBerry without the need for server side pre-processing or even a network connection. The hallmark of BeamReader is its ability to render actual fonts embedded in a PDF document as opposed to using font substitutes that adversely affect the document’s look and formatting.

“We are delighted to introduce BeamReader to the BlackBerry market and firmly believe that a native full fidelity PDF reader makes the BlackBerry platform more complete for business users and more competitive with other platforms,” said Evgeny Lebanidze, President and CEO of SLG Mobile.

For additional information on BeamReader, including download and purchase information, head to http://www.beamreader.com/beamreader.html. If you’re really interested in BeamReader, check out the podcast interview we did with SLG Mobile CEO Evgeny Lebanidze at BBDC.

BeamReader Beta 2 now available!


Our good friends over at BeamBerry (BlackBerry Cool 15 presenters and recipients of an offer sheet from the BlackBerry Partners Fund) just sent us a note to let you know they’ve updated their BeamReader PDF Reader beta. BeamReader beta 2 offers significant improvements in rendering speeds, bug fixes found during beta 1 and a bunch of new features that turn BeamReader into more of a document and file management solution. You can read about the new features after the jump, or download BeamReader for yourself via the links below!

BeamReader OTA download
BeamReader Desktop download

BeamReader Beta 2 updates

PDF security warning for Unite! and BES


A security warning has been placed for BES 4.1 Service Pack 3 (4.1.3) through 4.1 Service Pack 5 (4.1.5) and BlackBerry Unite! earlier than 1.0 Service Pack 1 (1.0.1) bundle 36. The problem involves distilling PDF files in e-mail attachments on the server. Should a crafty hacker cook something up, the file could activate some code on the server once it was sent through the pipes tubes. Admins should make sure their software is as current as possible and disable PDF attachments until the issue is resolved. You can find out more about the BlackBerry Unite! vulnerability here and the BES vulnerability here.

(via Heise)

WES 08 Hangover Week: BeamBerry previews offline PDF viewing


BeamBerry PDFBeamberry was showing off an upcoming PDF viewer at WES, toting offline file viewing. That means you can view full fidelity PDFs even when you don’t have a signal, since it’s all rendered on-device. BeamBerry PDF Reader, available this June, will be able to process PDFs stored on microSD or internal memory, attached to e-mail, or accessed through web links. An especially handy bundled feature is a file navigator to find and organize your locally-stored PDFs, as well text search. Keep an eye out for it soon!

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Terratial Technologies


Terratial Technologies logoYou can’t go wrong with a company that Handango dubbed developer of the year. Terratial Technologies has a number of applications for both business and consumer use. Their DocHawk software provides email attachment reading for over 50 file types, including PDF, Microsoft Office documents and RTF documents, at multiple zoom levels. HollerID, a more consumer-oriented product, announces the first name of an incoming caller. Over 1,700 names are recognized, and there are 15 voices to choose from. There are too many products to list here, so suffice to say they’ll be worth checking out at WES.

BeamBerry updated


BeamBerryThe document viewer BeamBerry got updated to version 2.0 over the weekend. BeamBerry is a cool little app that lets you view, print and store PDF, Word, PPT, XLS, RTF and ZIP files on your BlackBerry. Pretty handy stuff, there. The big changes in the new version?

“The key new feature introduced in this release is the ability for users to attach documents that they have stored on BeamDisk to new e-mails. The release also includes numerous improvements in the areas of performance, reliability and security, and contains fixes for several bugs discovered in previous versions (e.g. various problems with BeamPrint).”

It’s still in beta, but I reckon these guys will be going commercial pretty soon. Better get in on the free software while you can.

BIS 2.4 coming this Saturday?


RIMWe know some of you have been giggling in anticipation of BIS 2.4. Well, MiBlackberry has spotted a rumor that 2.4 is coming out tomorrow, September 15th. We’ve been over the supposed features, most notably vCard, MP3, PDF and RTF support, improved Yahoo! mail sync, delivery and read receipts, and wireless message deletion. Also, it looks like you’ll automatically be logged into your BIS from your handheld - no need to muck around with usernames and passwords, unless you’re looking to do anything from your computer. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on our BIS to see if this

BIS 2.4 features posted on RIM knowledgebase


RIMJibi has spotted a hint on the forums of the BlackBerry Internet Service v.2.4 features list on RIM’s knowledgebase. Highlights include vCard, MP3, PDF and RTF support, improved Yahoo! mail sync, delivery and read receipts, as well as wireless message deletion. Hmm, a lot of these sound like they were supposed to be in 2.3, weren’t they? Rumor has it we’ll be seeing the upgrade released before the end of the month.

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