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WordClock for BlackBerry Makes the Perfect Desk Clock


Many BlackBerry users keep their smartphone or tablet as a full-time mini display for their desk. If you’ve got a charging cradle for your BlackBerry, display the time using the most stylish method available: WordClock.
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ChillTab2 Tablet Stand Review Using a BlackBerry Playbook


The ChillTab2 is a Canadian made, multi platform tablet holder designed for a great viewing angle on your desktop, or the kitchen counter. The stand holds you tablet so that you can swipe, type and push buttons with just one hand.
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ChillBed Creates a Multiplatform Tablet Stand


In a world where peripheral makers mostly tailor-make accessories to perfectly fit your device and it’s plugs, the folks over at ChillBed Industries take a more open approach. Based in Vancouver Canada, ChillBed Industries makes laptop coolers and tablet stands that will work with just about any brand.
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