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Costco Selling the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $274.99


The PlayBook has been getting some good pricing options in many of the major retail outlets. There has been talk of Best Buy USA offering the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $299, as well as the 32GB model for $399 and the 64GB model for $499. I was recently at Costco and its prices seem much better, especially since the Canadian dollar is worth less than the American lately. More after the jump.
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5 Tips to Help You Price Your BlackBerry App


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The BlackBerry Bold 9700 pricing details


RIM have officially announced the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and it’s one of the best devices in their product line. Of course, everyone is excited about the BlackBerry Storm 2, but they serve very different markets. The Storm 2 is a device for the consumer market, while the 9700 would be better suited for enterprise.

The official press releases for the Bold 9700 from Rogers and AT&T, included pricing for the device and they differ slightly in their promotional offerings. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 will be available from Rogers in the coming weeks for $299.99 on a three-year voice and data activation with a minimum monthly service plan of $45.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 will also be available from AT&T but for only $199.99 (pay $299.99 and receive $100 mail-in-rebate).

T-Mobile and Bell have not announced what they will be selling the device for but it’s likely to be around the same price as AT&T and Rogers. The question is whether they will force users to mail in their rebate, or offer an entirely different promotion.

Be sure to check out the T-Mobile site for the Bold 9700 as it has some incredibly ostentatious marketing.

Pre-order the BlackBerry Storm2 from Vodafone


The BlackBerry Storm2 is available for pre-order from Vodafone and it’s free with a new service plan. The service plan is reasonable and the fact that these devices are being offered for free is a huge step in device pricing.

The Storm2 pricing seems to be indicative of a much more competitive pricing model which could be traced to some improvements in the manufacturing process. Since RIM and carriers have much more freedom in pricing, we could see some great sales figures from this device. The original Storm retailed for a couple hundred dollars after a rebate, therefore this device is relatively cheap.

On a less positive note, it’s clear that the new way of naming the Storm as the Storm2 is confusing a lot of people. For example, the Vodafone website lists the device as the Storm2, but the title of the page is “BlackBerry Storm 2.” While I appreciate the marketing efforts to give the Storm a cool name, it’s not exactly the most practical marketing effort.

If you pre-order the Storm2 today, Vodafone says it will aim to deliver from October 26th.

Podtrapper developer on BlackBerry development, pricing and marketing



This article attempts to relay my experiences and lessons learned in the making of PodTrapper, my first mobile application for BlackBerry. It will cover development, pricing, marketing and sales in addition to other items I thought were relevant.

It all started in November of last year. I’m an avid podcast listener during my commutes, and at the time the only viable way to listen was to tote around my iPod. But I still needed my BlackBerry for work, so I was stuck with two devices. I had been toying with the idea of writing a podcast player for BlackBerry and with the announcement of the App World it was now or never. I’m hoping that the success of the iPhone App Store will enable other platforms to follow suit. Afterall, BlackBerry currently has more users and is shipping twice as many phones, albeit to users that may not know apps are available for their phone… yet. Plus the whole project sounded like a lot of fun.

I’ve read all the stories about iPhone developers making fortunes selling apps, how that may not really be the case, or even that people don’t even use the apps they download. I assumed that the truth was somewhere in the middle, but at the very least I wouldn’t have to carry two devices anymore.

So I bought myself a set of signing keys ($20) and went out to RIM’s developer site to grab their SDK. That’s when I ran into my first problem.
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Verizon BlackBerry Storm to retail at $220? Or not?


HowardForums member Matrix2004 has posted that BlackBerry Storm 9530 pricing information is up on Verizon’s test site. The magic number? $219 on a 2 year contract, $289 on a 1 year contract and $519 straight up. These prices do not include any rebates, so the final price may be lower. You can see for yourself by clicking the link below and using 85001 as your area code.

HOWEVER, once there, you will notice a lack of graphical assets and placeholder text from the BlackBerry 8830, which means the price may be placeholder as well ($219 is an odd number…). In addition, Matrix2004 himself has said that this may not be the final price, so don’t set your hopes too high.

What can we take from this? If the price is correct, this Christmas Verizon and RIM are going to see a lot of BlackBerry Storms. Also, if Verizon had announced pricing information when they were sending out Storm promotional emails, people wouldn’t be creeping their testing site looking, and there wouldn’t be so much confusion. At this point we have to ask if Verizon is still trying to build hype or if they’re not 100% on the ball.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9530 test page

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